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Hi Karmafish! I had a calcneal osteotomy and FDL transfer on January 17th.
Now I am walking, able to wear shoes again too! I do however have damage on my sural nerve from the surgery like you, my surgeon says I'll have it forever.

From the incision on the outside of my foot (as you described the same) where they did the osteotomy cut , the sural nerve is now embedded in scar tissue.
I now have a tingling feeling in a large area when I touch it or the shoe touches/bangs it. It used to hurt more, but it's getting better with time.

I think the best way to describe it is when you sit on your foot and it goes to sleep.... that weird fuzzy feeling then tingling sensation.

If you want to laugh....I'm a paranoid shopper now, I'm TERRIFIED that someone will hit my foot with their cart! I stay away from people as best as I can.

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