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Hi - As I've been cruising around these boards for months and struggle with 3 neuromas in my feet that are a complication from stress fractures. I've received 2 rounds of cortisone injections in my left foot and 1 round in my right. All completely irritated my feet worse than prior the shots whereby I couldnt even put any weight on the ball of my foot for 14 days after the shots. My podiatrist had me on the path to surgery, which she admits I should avoid at all costs because, according to her, it has a 55% outcome of success.

I used ball-of-foot cushion pads which helped a little bit. I take ibuprophen and use Topricin cream, which takes a little of the edge off as well.

My mobility was extremely low - I couldnt run errands, clean the house, really leave the house or play with my children. A friend mentioned she was developing pain in the ball of her foot and regularly works with a chiropractor for her back pain. She mentioned the pain to him and he took about 4 appts to deep tissue-massage it out of her and she's pain free. I figured what do I have to lose, so I booked some appts. After the first treatment, my foot was immediately looser and the pain that felt like a knife stabbing the ball of my foot subsided somewhat. After session 2, I would say my pain went from an 8 to a 4 and has stayed that way. After my 4th visit, I am at a 3. He is confident he can get rid of it in about 6 more sessions and says he's treated this many times and I believe him!

I have also dealt with 14 yrs of plantar fasciitis and feel I've done everything under the sun short of going to a faith healer to alleviate that to no avail. In addition to treating my morton's he is rubbing out all the scar tissue from pf and that is getting better as well. I've been to massage therapists before but this is different and seems to be lasting. I am shocked, especially since I was considering surgery or cryosurgery for my mortons and here someone can massage it out??? Granted the massage will bring tears to your eyes, but is WELL worth it.

Please, please consider going to a chiropractor. They weren't high on my list of medical professionals, I dont really know why but I guess I didnt really know much about them and had heard some strange stories, but I am so thankful I listened to my friend and my opinion has been forever changed.

Good luck to everyone in pain out there; it's totally true, the worst stories are on the web. The healthy people who have gotten better dont often take the time to write b/c they are out enjoying life. Hopefully you will, too.

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