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Just wondering if anyone has dealt with any similar issues. I had an arthroscopic Brostrom-Gould on my Left ankle in February of this year (2nd surgery on same ankle, first was in May 2011 to remove a bone spur and repair a partially torn tendon). Recovery went fine at first, but a couple months in I started having severe pain in the ankle again. I went back to the same doc (podiatrist) who did another MRI and said everything was fine and basically to just deal with it. My appointments became very short (less than 5 minutes) and he continued to ignore my concerns. I got fed up when he cleared me for gymnastics in spite of problems and said to come back in September if I still was having issues and he would do cortisone shots.

I was having severe heel pain, ankle was giving out when I walked, and pain both on front and outside of ankle.

I found a new ankle surgeon in August. He helped my heel pain by having me stretch 3x a day, stating that pain was caused by a very tight calf muscle, but I am still having pain on the outside and front of the ankle. The left ankle (surgery one) is looser than the right in spite of the Brostrom surgery. I am going in for a third MRI this week, and have a follow up next week, but I'm wondering if anyone has any similar problems? This is very frustrating, because it seems as if this surgery has caused more issues than it fixed.


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