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[QUOTE=joebri26;5246664]ok... so i've suffered from chronic ankle instability for 10+ years. my main mechanism of injury has been inversion sprain (usually with plantar flexion), which i understand to be the most common mechanism. After my most recent injury (aug '13), i had my first MRI which concluded that I had completely torn ATFL & CFL and a partial on the PTFL. Brostrom procedure was administered on sept 19. No allograft or hardware was required and some scar tissue was removed from the lateral 5th metatarsal/cuboid.

So far recovery has been smooth. As per the surgeon's direction, recovery has gone like this: 2 weeks in a splint* NWB, 2 Weeks hard cast* NWB, 2 weeks CAM boot PWB, 6 weeks CAM boot FWB....

* -denotes that i was not in an anatomically neutral position. Both the splint and cast had me slightly everted and slightly externally rotated.

I am ~halfway through the "6 weeks CAM boot FWB" stage, and my problem is this... My ankle feels great! I am able to comfortably walk around for hours at a time with just an ASO (Figure 8 Velcro Lace Up ankle brace).

My real question is, because I'm not "allowed" to invert or evert my ankle until 3months post op (~dec 19), could i be doing myself more harm than good allowing my ankle to strengthen so much before i regain all of my range of motion? I'm not doing anything as far as "strengthening" other than walking around and riding an upright bike at the gym. I'll come clean, I have juggled/kick around a soccer ball a little (yes with both feet)... but only in the house, very softly, and with the ASO.

I understand that the desired healing regimen would follow mobility-->stability-->strength.

I don't know if i could develop scar tissue and impede/impinge any regaining of ROM or anything else. Any input would be really appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read![/QUOTE]

Hey Joe,

I had a Brostrom 6 weeks ago, it was my fourth surgery on my ankle.

I would definitely consult your doctor above anything on this matter. I'm in aggressive physical therapy right now to rebuild an atrophied calf muscle as well as being about ROM. They started out with ROM, now onto the strengthening area of pt. I'll be in that for the whole month of December, twice a week, for an hour and 20 minutes each session.

Are you in pt yet? Will the doctor put you there? I would be careful yet with your poor ankle and foot. I know it feels stable, but that can lead to over doing something and injuring it more.

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