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Hello all,

I have been having ankle problems for a while due to high stress on my joints playing basketball and football. I also played through pain and ankle sprains which may have aggravated my condition. I subluxed my peroneal tendon a little bit more than 2 years ago playing football. I have been chasing doctors around to have me looked at. To cut to the chase, I will have a peroneal tendon repair as well as an OCD arthroscopy drilling. I want to have my peroneal tendon repaired but I am scared about the OCD arthroscopy drilling procedure. I am scared that I will damage my foot further from the surgery. The surgery looks pretty invasive. In addition, since my ankle joint seems unstable, wouldn't my OCD lesion return after surgery anyways? It seems that a better option would be to tighten the ligaments as well. Has anyone experienced what I am going through? How was your OCD after arthroscopy? Did it hinder osteoarthritis progression and pain? I am only 26 and this diagnosis has been a frustrating experience. O well.. any help would be appreciated :).


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