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Perhaps I am searching incorrectly but I cannot seem to find a thread on this subject that is recent. I have recently had this surgery (Nov. 22) and am 4 weeks post op. I had a number of things done to my foot as opposed to the standard one or two. The bunion was cut out, and the large toe repositioned using a staple and a pin which will stay in. The second toe was hammertoed and overlapping. The knuckle was removed to correct it, and a pin was placed inside to straighten it out. That pin stuck out the top of the foot and made a right angle, like a hat pin with a little ball on the end. I have been wearing a surgical sandal. I also had a neuroma my doctor described as looking "like spaghetti" so he straightened that all out as well. Phew! It was a lot of stuff for one small foot!

The first week was intense pain wise. A 6-7 most of time which I barely stayed on top of with Vicodin every 3 hours and ibuprophen supplementing that when needed. The second week a little bit better. Elevating constantly, icing all the time. The stitches came out in week 2. Healing nicely, the surgeon (a podiotrist) did a a great job. Week three had TONS of swelling so be prepared for that. He warned me but I was surprised at how much there was. You are just on it a LOT more during this week and by the end of the day it is throbbing. Week 4 and I am getting around pretty good. Still in the surgical shoe and I will be for 5 weeks total. The pin came out yesterday. Damn I hated that thing. It swung around a lot and I hit it on things from time to time and that was annoying, but it did its job, the xrays look good.

I have been off work this whole time and am working from home now and will be for another 10 days or so. I am worried about walking around at work when I get back and plan to wear my Uggs with my orthotics and do as little running around the building as possible. I am glad I did this surgery but I can see the recovery is going to be SLOW. I can't imagine I will be walking for exercise again any time soon and god knows when I can wear "regular" shoes again, but I hope it will all be worth it. Foot looks straight and toes are aligned. Nerve does not bother me any more, so I am on course.

Please share your experiences here. I am very interested to hear what others have gone through and how their recovery has progressed. Have a great holiday everyone!! Cynthia

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