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I had bunion surgery October 2012 and i feel like it wasnt a success it still hurts just like before , i am very dissapointed i also had my second toe fixed as it was crossing over the big toe and they put a screw in and i had to have it removed about 3 months ago due to the bone was rejecting and causing pain and swelling so i am really sick of this foot hurting ! Anyone with a similar problem or any suggestions!
[QUOTE=Titchou;5255048]What does your surgeon say? Did you have enough cartilege left? What kind of doctor did you use?[/QUOTE]

Hello I had a foot and anle surgeon in Boston i would not doubt i had enough cartalidge sinde i have Rheumatoid arthritis they did a sodt tiissue proxedure where they just shaved the bunion then they lightened and loosened tendons and ligaments to repostion my toe ! I als had my second toe fixed since it was crossing over my big toe and that didnt heal well either i had to have a local doctor take the screw out and it actually wasnt even positioned well ! I went back to the boston doctor and he had an attitiude that i had seen my local doctor first but i happen to be seeing him for another problem and just happened to ask him about the area where my screw was hurting and swelling almost a yr later ! So any way he sent back to boston and that is when i got the attitiude from Boston Doctor ! S this is where i stand !

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