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Hey everyone,

Like most people, I've read these boards extensively and seen the good and bad stories of this surgery. My story is I've always had flat feet, but it never was to the point where it inhibited me other than mild discomfort. However, while playing ice hockey I took a slap shot to my foot at point blank and it fractured my navicular as well as some damage to my PTT.

After 10 months of non-surgical treatments such as walking boot and just taking it easy, the pain never fully went away. An MRI revealed that there was no longer any swelling with my PTT anymore, but my OS said if I still have pain, the bone is likely still chipped causing the discomfort and that all the MRI's and X-ray's will never be more telling than my physical symptoms. Surgeon recommended removing the chipped bone and having the PTT Reconstructions, FDL transfer with Calcandeal Osteotomy.

I'm only 8 weeks post op, most of the pain is gone and I'm feeling close to getting into a walking boot. However, I keep getting anxious that I won't be able to play ice hockey ever again. I can live without being able to run since I only ran to stay in shape for hockey, but I can use the bike, elliptical and other cardio machines that will suffice.

Does anyone think it's realistic to have a chance to play hockey again after this type of surgery? The surgeon suggested that assuming a successful surgery and recovery, I should be able to play hockey, but probably not "grass sports". But I'm curious about the thoughts of people who actually have gone through and fully recovered with this surgery .
I'm 9 weeks and just got my cast removed! I guess they were going to remove it at 7-8 weeks but I just happened to have my appointment at the 9 week mark.

I'm in a boot, can PWB only for standing, no walking.. and start physical therapy Monday! Also, in my initial post I think I incorrectly stated my surgery. I got my post op notes for the physical therapist and I'm not sure I had the FDL transfer. Here's what the notes say:

-> Calcaneal osteotomy
-> posterior tibialis tendon reconstruction
-> repair of navicular fracture

So based on this I think they just repaired and reattached the tendon instead of swapping it.

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