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Hi NCGirl96,

Your story reminds me of why I went ahead with the surgery for my daughter. Quality of life. SO Important. Thanks for reminding me. In her case, we exhausted everything and while the decision was gut-wrenchingly hard, I felt it was the best, and looking at her now, it truly was.

The only avenue I haven't explored is a recommendation of a sports medicine doctor a co-worker went to for plantar fasciitis and she also had a neuroma. She's mentioned him to me over and over again, and since I haven't gone that route (I believe this may involve something called 'active-release,' strengthening and taping too), I reckon I'll give it a shot. Part of me thinks I'm "buying snake oil" in trying, but wouldn't it be nice to ride off in the sunset saying that this helped? I'm pretty skeptical, but I know how I am....I need to say I tried everything (within reason) before making a decision. I'm not one for suffering so if this turns from a daily annoyance/sometime pain to a daily acute pain - I'd definitely consider surgery. It's so daggone frustrating that I'm coming up on a year of this.

I think I'm at a crossroads....I can do stuff, but I am definitely slower, deliberate, stiff in the morning, sore at night, big-time shoe the writing may already be on the wall. I'll write an update if I have a good response with the sports-med fellow.

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