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I had surgery 5 days ago. An implant was placed in the big toe. Still having pain. Saw dr. yesterday (changed dressing) & removing stitches next week. Went to a podiatrist. Does anybody know how long pain will last? I think he said when I return next week, I can drive (it's right foot) wearing a slipper, not the surgical boot. Won't it hurt to drive at this point?
I had a big toe implant for hallux rigidus and was very sorry I had it done. They are not developed enough and have a huge fail rate. I went to Mayo Clinic had a big toe fusion because implant failed after one year. My foot feels great. It pays to get second opinion before having any surgery...
Hi Gumpa, Thanks for your post. You and a few others have posted less then sterling reports of having a implant for the big toe joint. It was suggested to me as a possibility. I have been reading and researching information on this foot problem for months and I think I will definitely refuse the implant if it is suggested again and ask for a fusion. I am going to a Pod- well qualified in foot and ankle surgery. He has already done surgery on my left foot last Aug. I trust him.... so I am moving ahead with setting up the appt. We are in FL and heading back to the NW for the summer and my surgery. I will keep in touch.

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