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[QUOTE=junejaguars;5306663]Thanks for the reply. I know the first 6 weeks of ankle surgery is non weight bearing and thats what makes a bilateral brostrom a much trickier procedure. I figured the hardest part would be the waiting. Either way i feel like i won't be able to do much of anything with one ankle done if anything i could get a wheelchair. I just don't want to delay the process of recovery any further. I know that may sound impatient. Anyways when i was referred to a specialist OS from the physician he sounded like it is usually never done that way. I guess ill find out when I meet the doctor (who my dad worked with) in a couple weeks. Besides the prognosis, my father has not really given me very many answers other than "I'm not sure you will have to ask your doctor". (haha)[/QUOTE]

This is advice you can take or leave, but if you identify that you can feel impatient ahead of time, plan lots of things to occupy you. I have needed very simple things because I've been really tired since surgery (even though I've been off pain meds; I do have another medical issue which may be at fault) and not things I always would do. Some hobbies have felt completely unappealing and I've watched more videos than I ever do. (I'm a no TV at all person and I watched netflix constantly the first several weeks). Unfortunately it is really hard to sit around with your leg in the air for so long (the first weeks you really need to be reclined just to make it more frustrating) and by the 3rd/4th week most people are feeling impatient. I tried really hard to only look as far forward as my next milestones, whether those were days I got to leave the house or ortho appointments. It worked well. That's harder right now because I have a few weeks without much scheduled but since I can drive as of 2 days ago I can at least get out. Now that I can weightbear with a walking cast and crutches I want to walk and walk. It doesn't really like that yet but I need to move desperately. I'm even walking laps in the living room/kitchen of my 600 sq ft apartment. I wish I'd rented a wheelchair. It wouldn't work in my apartment but it might have let me get out a little more in the first 6 weeks (today is 6 weeks exactly and I've been out of the house about 8 times in those weeks. Otherwise I've been elevating although not as much with the new cast.)

It is all worth it though if it works. My surgeon is very non-emotional so when he moved my ankle a tiny bit for the first time since surgery Wednesday and he smiled before saying that it is moving the way it should I was so excited that I didn't even care that I was getting casted again when I was told by a resident the time before that I'd start ROM now. (I like casts better than boots anyway). He told my mom that this was an ideal repair so hopefully by Christmas I'll be moving pretty well. Again, my surgeon is more conservative and I think for some reason he's taking it extra slow with me. i think I had a lot of damage from delaying surgery and he is making sure that it all heals well so I don't repeat that. I also had peroneals done and that affects recovery time.

The worst part of being NWB bilaterally is that moving from a wheelchair to another surface is hard. There are sliding boards that you can use but they are pretty frustrating and hard work.

The other thing is that they may not feel that doing both is in your best interests with recovery. I have a nodule on my Achilles from tearing it without diagnosis. I wanted it removed but the dr. said that moving me into position to fix it would potentially damage the other repairs, would cause a great deal of swelling and there was just no way he was doing that. I'm hoping that having my Achilles rested for so long and now stretched by my cast will fix the scarring back there; I don't want another surgery.

I'm interested in what your surgeon says. My other foot currently is fine but I never would have thought of doing both together. You are brave!

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