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I saw a DPM about 6 months after injuring my ankle 4.5 years ago. I thought he was amazing because he actually saw that the ankle was badly injured when I was actually there for PTTD in the other foot from limping. He recommended a modified Brostrom. He was a foot/ankle surgeon of some kind and I really trusted him. Then In March I turned my ankle under completely and saw him and he didn't notice the peroneals. We talked about the surgery and that I needed a specialized anesthesiologist so he couldn't do it. I had it done by an ortho with foot/ankle trauma specialization and he immediately caught the peroneals and also did a scope to clean out scar tissue that was everywhere and also floating cartilage/bone fragments. I think debriding was half my surgery from how extensive he said it was.

If I'd gone with the DPM who I thought was excellent I wouldn't have gotten everything taken care of and would have had to have additional surgery. I haven't figured out exactly how I feel about this yet. The DPM seemed to have adequate credentials but he wouldn't have actually fixed all my problems. On the other hand I had my surgery done by someone in one of the top 5 orthopedic programs in the country. So it may just have been average doctor versus superb doctor. Yet I'd always prefer superb dr. and I thought the DPM was up there until I found how how much he was missing.

I will probably use the DPM for orthotics in the future (I think I'll get new ones through my ortho when I'm not casted anymore). But for surgery I will always go to the best hospital I can find and see an ortho with the foot/ankle specialization. I guess I'm compromising.

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