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Yes I have pain in my feet as well and I too am not diabetic.

I currently am awaiting a appt with a much more specialized specialist who deals with the feet. I recently had an MRI and it showed a nasty tear to my Posterior Tibial Tendon, when I went to a local orthopedic doctor yesterday he said my scar tissue may be causing a false read or it may be torn badly. I have had two surgeries already, one for bone in infection and the other for Plantar Factitious and nerve damage.

My right ankle is swollen like a golf ball at the end of the day, have trouble with weight bearing and pain in arch, toes. My hubby says when I stand without shoes that my right foot is slanting in pretty bad and my heel has moved. He said you can also see three of my toes from the back. I have researched my symptoms and they do seem to favor a torn tendon. I will have to wait and see what the new specialist says, I am awaiting an appt.

As far as pain in the feet, I can relate I have always had pain in my feet, so bad that I could hardly walk without limping. If you are having severe pain I would see your family doctor, if it has been ongoing I would ask for x-rays and a MRI to see what is going on. I know there are a lot of things that can cause severe pain in the feet.

What are your symptoms? I pray you find some relief.

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