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I am also worried for you. Just because the surgery didn't work well doesn't mean you didn't go to a good OS. Sometimes for whatever reason, even though the ligaments are repaired, it doesn't take. Whether it is that it doesn't scar down correctly, or maybe it scars down TOO much making the ankle painful (in which cases a lot of people require a debridement of scar tissue) or whether you need more time off work and in therapy, etc it sometimes just doesn't "take". I am concerned with your timeline though because (and I know everyone is different), but I had my second ankle reconstruction in Feb 2012. Had my torn ATFL and CFL repaired, my torn tendon retinaculum repaired, my torn peroneal tendon repaired and had my fibula drilled into and part of the bone removed to deepen the groove so my peroneal tendons no longer popped out of place. I was in a cast, NWB on crutches for 6 wks, but it was 8 wks before I was completely weight bearing. In a boot for 4 wks after that and in PT for nearly 3 months straight. I finished up PT on 6/14/12 and exactly one week later on 6/21 flew overseas to teach a kid's camp. It was difficult and the swelling was horrible and I was in pain. But it eventually got better and by August of that year I was zip lining (I would pull my post-op foot up for landing to be safe). Then in Sept I was just walking on a cobble stone road and resprained it. I had to go back into the brace and therapy. Then on 12/2 of that same year (8 months to the day I got my cast off and 2 months post re-injury), I walked a half marathon (doctor wouldn't let me run any of it) and shaved 20 min off my time from the previous year. After this, I admit I was in some pain and there was swelling, but I had checked with my doctor back on 4/2 the day I got my cast off to make sure it was okay to register for the 1/2 marathon. And I still had to finish up some PT after the marathon left on my Rx for the re-injury. We purposely saved a few sessions for after the marathon for swelling and pain control which worked nicely. So a year out will you be perfect? No, fully recovery (without doing all the crazy stuff I did) takes about a year. But you should be a lot better than what you are. I wonder if you might have some more stuff going on like peroneal tendon injury that very commonly occurs secondary to ankle sprains? I just wonder if something was missed? Who knows...but you definitely should be farther down the road than this. As far as not wanting to go without the brace...totally understand that and the fear that your ankle isn't strong. Been there, done that. And my doctor still prefers that for the rest of my life, I wear my brace when doing anything athletic, when knowing I will be doing something that could cause injury to my ankle like zip lining or just when I know I will be on uneven ground. Unfortunately, even after surgery, once you sprain an ankle as badly as you did, it's never the same. We are all more prone to more sprains. But that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be a level of stability that's achieved so that you aren't scared of it every day either. I totally understand your fear. I was that way after my first ankle reconstruction because my doctor only kept me in a cast for 2 wks, only NWB 4 wks and by week 5, I was back working 12 hour shifts in my boot on my feet the WHOLE 12 hours. I remember wearing a TENS unit on my belt beside my pager that had wires running down my pant leg with 4 electrodes spread out over my ankle and foot to keep pain at bay while I worked my 12 hour shifts! I went back WAY too I totally get it! I think you need to go back to your doctor for further evaluation and if need be, seek another opinion. Good luck and let us know how you're doing!

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