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Hi; I had bunion surgery several years ago and hammertoes were done also. One foot done at a time. There was no pain and no problem post surgery. I used crutches for awhile till I could put all the weight on the operated foot.
Result; looked good at the time but gradually the bunions returned on both feet but not as bad as the first time Now I'm just going to leave it alone as it's nor causing any problem.
Removing toes does not sound good- much too radical and not reversible. I hope you make a conservative decision.
Rebecca and Titchou, thank you for the feedback. I am seeing a foot surgeon at Kaiser. I plan to get a 2nd opinion with a sports medicine foot surgeon outside of Kaiser. Bunions do not bother me but the toes that cross over the big toe are very painful. One is dislocated. I would prefer to do nothing as long as I can keep up my activities.

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