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[QUOTE=YogaDancer;5316151]I didn't take any blood clot meds, at least no pills. I'm not sure if the drugs they put into my drip during my surgery and hospital stay contained them though. I could check my medical records, but just off the top of my head, blood clotting was not a concern by my surgeon and/or the pre admission testing doctor and nurses nor my anesthesiologist nor while I was in the hospital post-surgery...

Do you have health issues with your blood excessively hemorrhaging or the reverse, blood clotting too much, e.g., DVT?[/QUOTE]

Thanks YogaDancer for coming back to me. I don't bleeding excessively or hemorrhaging or the reverse, or DVT that I know of. I know I hemorrhaged years and years ago during a hysterectomy but I think it was my doctors fault I had a quack and found out later. But all my other surgeries several thus far I don't remember any problem. I just worry to much and have a bad case of General Anxiety Disorder which blows everything up in my mind worse than it is.

How long did you stay in the hospital after surgery? My doctor said at least 24 hours and possibly a total of 3 days to keep me on the blood clot med through IV drip. I know I have read many comments from other people who have had surgery that come home on the blood clot injections. I just don't want to get home and get a blood clot and die from it, I know I am worrying to the extreme. My surgeon called me personally yesterday and tried to ease my mind some, he also said there are social workers at the hospital who could probably help me get this medicine. So I am praying it will all work out for the best.

Did you get up every couple of hours just move your legs around some, or did you stay elevated pretty much all the time except going to the bathroom? I know after my gallbladder surgery two years ago I got up every hour and half to walk around the house, I know I will not be able to walk after this surgery but maybe on my knee walker? Also, can you wiggle your toes and rotate the foot you had surgery on? What about leg bends while laying down? I know this will help keep the blood flowing. Just so nervous about this whole process.

I keep talking myself out of surgery only to talk myself back into it. I know I will do it on Mon but I am so scared not only about the surgery but about afterward too.

It is so great to have people like you who have been there, who care enough to give advice and knowledge. After my surgery I will also be here to help others and share my journey on my road to recovery.

Thanks again, and bless you! You are an :angel:
The anxiety and frustrations before surgery are sometimes the hardest part. My doctor prescribed Lovenox for when I went home, a 21-day, twice a day injection to prevent DVTs. I don't have any risk factors. But, he also said that studies suggest an 81mg low dose aspirin is enough for most people. My general doctor said as long as I was getting up four times a day (going to the bathroom, etc.), my risk for a blood clot was extremely low. Since taking Lovenox, I then switched to low dose aspirin, as I have continued to need to elevate my foot above my heart for over 6 weeks.

When I first had surgery, I was very tired and needed lots of naps throughout the day. I was also needing to take a lot of medication for pain for the first two weeks, such as Percocet, Dilaudid for breakthrough pain, Flexiril for muscle spasms, Relafen (NSAID), and something to help me sleep. After a few weeks, the pain was less, and I was able to transition to Norco and other medication. I have other injuries to my lower back and neck, plus fusion surgery can be pretty intense initially, so my medications and situation may be different than yours. I also had two nerve blocks for a week (it was replaced twice) --popliteal nerve block and saphenous (also called femoral artery) nerve block. Those helped me tremendously.

I wish you the best of luck in your surgery and in your discussions with your surgeon regarding medication. I hope your insurance company, with the surgeon's strong advocacy, can provide you with the medication you need.


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