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Re: Bunionectomy
Nov 11, 2014
I may be a little late coming to this thread, but I too have been living with moderate bunions. I am very active outdoors (think 8-hour hikes and the like every Saturday year-round), and in the past few months walking has become painful in anything but open flip-flops. Runners are ok for a while, hiking boots are torture, ski boots are painful, heels are torture, etc.

I am just 5 days post-surgery and has an akin bunionectomy with austin osteotomy done in Calgary. I'd just like to let you know that now all experiences are bad! It seemed like all we read online is of bad recovery experiences, and maybe I'm the exception, but I am very pleasantly surprised myself. Aside from maybe 15 *minutes* of quite intense pain the evening of my surgery (and presumably before all the other meds had kicked in), I have been pain free. I have been diligently keeping that foot elevated and iced, but I sleep well, have nothing more but minor discomfort, had my first bath today, and am managing on my own. Swelling has already gone down a bit, and I feel otherwise 100% totally normal. Because I'm managing so well, I'm getting a knee walker rental tomorrow (in my case I'm supposed to be 5 weeks non weight-bearing), which I think will give me much further freedom. I plan on going to Restorative yoga, go for walks in the parkade (because it just snowed and is brutally cold in Calgary), and otherwise keep up with fairly normal activities.

Hope it all goes well for you!

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