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I totally hear you about fear and pain. I am there now... I meant to say I use the walker to take those steps. I also hold the handle bars of my scooter and walk a bit like that at home only. It hurts a bit but when it gets to be too much I stop and use the scooter.

Hang in there and take baby steps. We'll get there together my friend.

I started pt yesterday officially and it felt good. They are doing ROM excercise and massaging my fibroma at the bottom of my foot where the arch is. That and the toe seem to be my biggest problems right now. I had a bunionectomy as well and for some reason that toe joint hurts and when I wiggle and squeeze my toes it pulls on the ligament with the fibroma. This causes pain as well.

I try to keep it to where I can tolerate the pain and then I stop. That works for me right now. Here is something I showed the therapist about my foot:
When they have me do the alphabet with my leg straight out it's almost imposible. However, if I put my knee on the scooter as if getting ready to ride it I can move my foot around much easier. Weird but she said if that works to do some of those too because we just want to loosen things up.

Well, you contiue doing well and I'll do my part on my end and we'll contiue to keep each other posted.

Best of luck.... WE can do this

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