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[QUOTE=Notgivingupnow;5324292]this is so awesome. I'm so happy for you.

I'm 5 months post op now.

I have been walking from my house to my vehicle thats about 7 feet and I also do a couple of rounds around my kitchen and my living room with the boot on daily. All other times I use the knee scooter. On my last visit I was casted for a Richie brace. Prior to surgery I was using a Richie brace on both feet but now my foot has a new shape so I need a new one. The doctor said I will be weening off of that brace as well when the time is right. I use New Balande 812 sneakers with the rolling bar which avoids twisting the ankle. I guess I have to buy two pairs from now on since my new foot is smaller then my other one. I'm praying that Nov. 5th the xrays show full fusion.

Off subject a bit. I have a silky yorkie 3 years old named Elmo and a beta fish named Georgie. What about your pets ?[/QUOTE]

My shoes are 850s. The box is sitting here and it says they are for course running. I will have to look into the roll bar thing. I am enjoying getting to choose my shoes based on different factors than ankle stability. Now I just have to throw out all the sneakers that I had from before and find money to replace them. I think right now I have my new sneakers, a pair of boots that MIGHT work (but they are larger than they should be) and one pair of sneakers that I don't think are terribly broken down. I'm going to have to replace the ones I'm wearing now when I get rid of my brace because it is stretching them but I'm going to keep the other pair of these that I ordered in a half size down since I should fit them when the brace is gone. I'm most sad about throwing away my beloved slippers. They were really supportive and were not that expensive when I bought them but apparently got a lot more expensive since then. Unless someone loves me very, very much at Christmas I will miss those slippers forever.

I have 2 cats, both of whom are making recovery challenging. Anna is 19 and is in kidney failure. She vomits a lot and I have cleaned up vomit while standing on one leg with my walker, on crutches, on my knees when I didn't know if I could get back up b/c I had a cast on my foot, and then there are the times I have nearly slipped because of an unfortunate encounter. The other one, noah, is a hairball factory. I took Anna to the vet just before my surgery and spent the last few days before crying because I was told not to expect her to be here long. Time has passed and I've even cut her nausea med back a dose per day (oh, and that's been fun, putting medication in her ear twice a day while NWB). My usual vet is letting me have antibiotics whenever I want and that boosted her out of a bad spell recently. But Petsmart has been where I have had several early walking goals because they don't have wheelchairs and I buy incredible amounts of cat food because Anna is very limited in what her system tolerates now. Noah has enjoyed the all-you-can-eat fat buffet and will be enjoying a low-calorie diet when she is gone. My mom lives beside me and has 2 dogs that I care for frequently; one we just adopted 2 weeks ago. He was a stray and after I had legally filled the requirements to keep him the shelter people remembered who his owner was. I cried all day and then the owner gave him to me. He's 3, mostly golden retriever and has spent most of his life on a chair because he ran away easily. It's sad because he has to learn everything. Even playing with the other dog is a learning experience. Walking him without a boot was my first real test of my ankle's stability; he's not exactly leash-trained.

I'll be praying for full fusion on Nov 5. I was so glad when I was done with xrays. They stressed me out and I didn't even have anything bony healing. I was always irrationally afraid of hearing something surprising. Instead it was always just that I had medial swelling, keep elevating and go slowly.

The initial steps in the boot were the hardest because they didn't feel right at all. So if you're walking 7 feet you've beaten the very worst part. My mom kept laughing at me the day I got the boot because I was using my crutches at probably 25% WB and had to focus on every step but had been walking easily with PWB in my walking cast.

So excited tonight. I have my own wobble board (don't ask; it was a weird decision) and I have used it for stretching for many weeks now. Last week or week before I finally had full inversion/eversion. I got permission from PT to try to in standing if I held onto my kitchen counter. I did that for the first time tonight and had much better control than I expected. I even did a few rotations with most of my weight on the wobble board and then I was so well stretched that I did the exercise I hate the most (because it makes the mild PTTD in my other foot burn)-heelraises with my toes pointed in and out and not only did I did all of them without needing a huge rest I did not have a ton of pain. This makes me think that the pain is from my shoe or orthotic on the right and isn't the exercise really. Which would be great. I know it's an important exercise but it is hard to do when it really hurts.

And now I must do the exercise I forgot to do earlier and then trade out laundry. I have lots of that due to the sick cat as well. Sometimes she's incontinent and today she vomited on my bed so I had to wash all the sheets and blankets. Laundry days are lots of ankle exercise days. Today was nice because I can't carry baskets down the stairs yet and so I usually slide them down, gather everything up and take the basket to machines; today my mom was here and carried things down. It was nice to avoid the mess. I guess i have to make my bed too. Too bad I have a snuggly ancient cat sitting with me and making me not want to do anything.
Sounds like you work in a good place. My last job was like that, everyone cared about everyone else and it was a fun place to work with wonderful leadership. They were so kind to me when I tried to come back from my first gyn surgery. I had medication during surgery that messed up my ability to think clearly and which sent my bipolar off the deep end and it wasn't responding to anything to fix that. I came back when my FMLA leave ended and didn't even get back to my actual job when they asked if I needed more time. I worked for this enormous Fortune 500 company and somehow they managed to get them to bend rules for me and keep me on a LOA for a full 6 months before I had to resign because I knew I wasn't going back. I left 3 years ago and the sole get-well card I got during this was from my old boss.

How is your knee doing with the scooter now that you are using it even more?

The scar tissue that is a problem isn't the incisions, it is on the muscles, tendons and ligaments. My incisions are not bad; the big one isn't smooth but some of that is bone anchors that are close to the surface and some is the peroneal tendons that were repaired run close to the skin and get irritated and make the incision sore and swollen. The surgeries that I had heal by scarring things in new places so there is usually some lost ROM. My surgeon wants more scarring than a lot of other doctors so I was in a cast and NWB longer and the different casts positioned things so that I scarred in different ways. I have intentional scarring now all the way around the ankle and across the sole of my foot. I'm not sure the sole of the foot scarring was intentional or has a purpose but it has been there and I've been fighting with it for a while. When I was first in the boot my left foot was actually I think 3/4" shorter than my right because the scarring was pulling it in. That broke up and then I was fine for a long time before it started acting up again. Now there is a visible difference between my arches and my foot is only a little bit shorter. The rest of the scarring is limiting movements in all directions although mostly I have enough movement to be ok. The current project is getting it to settle down and to be more uniform since scar tissue tends to be rough and have sharp edges which is how it tore itself a few weeks ago. Eventually it should be there but evenly enough that it isn't able to tear other parts open just by rubbing against them. It also has to finish settling down from injury which is happening.

Yesterday PT was really good. I finally got to do hard stuff again and a new exercise. After going more gently the last few weeks I was glad to feel like I was moving forward again. I saw the PTA for the first time in a long while and she was not as cautious as the PT is (I fell on him and ever since them he is there every time I wobble). She actually was out of reach while I did a lot of things. I wasn't sure how I felt about that but I didn't fall and I felt more confident at the end so I guess it was good. I didn't do quite as well with technique though when I was worried about losing my balance without someone to help. I was sore afterwards and limped through the store getting cold stuff for my mom who is pretty sick with something I hope I don't catch thinking I should have grabbed a scooter but later I got more stretching from the foot than any other time and today seems to be a little better for the foot. My biggest problem with therapy is admitting how much I am really hurting. They haven't all caught on that a 4 means I am hurting a lot and that I am not good at saying something hurts too much to do it. But that's my fault for not giving honest answers. I think they are honest and then I get home and realize that once again my honest answer was lower than it should have been. What they have no way of knowing is that aside from the day after surgery when my nerve block failed and the hospital didn't have orders in place for medication strong enough to cover not having a nerve block when my pain was out of control for a couple of horrible hours I have never said it was more than a 6. I am not good at describing pain. My dentist took this power away from me because I went in with "the tooth you put a filling in won't stop aching" and he ultimately let me choose if I wanted to do a root canal that probably needed to be done or wait another few weeks. I did the root canal and when he got in there it was terribly infected and would have hospitalized me in a day or two. He then told me he will tell me when something hurts from now on. :)

I need to get antibiotic into my cat. usually she gets shots but I am trying drops this time because she isn't quite as strong and I thought I could save money if I can fight her and win. The trick is that she really doesn't like meds and she may be stronger than I am even now. She'll be 19 1/2 soon and still has very specific preferences. If I don't write again you'll know she clawed my arms off. It is possible.

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