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Wow! Both of you have had some trauma!

I got through the surgery ok, but I have fallen three times since I broke my foot. Twice before the surgery, then, day before yesterday I was in my closet - a small walk-in closet - and I let go of one of the crutches and before I could grab on to the little dresser that's in there I went spiraling backwards. I mean, really? AGAIN? And my leg hurt all day yesterday but my foot was ok .. then yesterday - Saturday - I stubbed my toe on a step -- but I got up and about Friday because I felt good and had absolutely not the slightest twinge of pain or anything (before the fall, obviously), so I went to see my mother because - long story - my dad is not with her now because he has dementia .. again long story but he had an episode one week ago tomorrow and they had to take him away ... very sad.. anyway she lives not even 10 minutes away and I knew she was lonely and having a hard time so I went to see her.

But now the same thing is happening that happened with that ridiculous fiberglass cast. I have not taken the bandage off - am supposed to keep the brace on but it's really bothering me right now.. my toes are hanging off like with the cast. When I stand up I'm ok but I'm in a chair and have it propped up on the ottoman, which is usually where I'm most comfortable. Cannot get in the bed under the covers, the thing must weigh at least ten lbs. Anyway nothing hurts or feels swollen, so... I don't know, but I DO know I do not want to have to go back there to get my leg re-wrapped. I also have crappy insurance and could not get a brace, but someone had put one in the donation bin and it's a good one, and clean, so I got lucky. Then a cousin gave me hers, and her old crutches, which are kind of gnarly but at least they don't squeak.. so I have a gray boot and a black one and two sets of crutches. I actually call them braces because they come up to the knee. What I bought to wear over the cast they called a boot. It's so confusing. Anyway a lot of pressure on my leg .. not compression, but just pressure in a certain spot - haven't had that before - anyway it's in the brace because I know it needs to be at a 90 degree angle, but something's not quite right.

I know the bandage has moved around and I found one on Amazon that is exactly like the one they used, so I ordered it.. already have some gauze.. I am determined not to have to go back to them before my follow-up appt in 2 weeks. Everyone was nice but I don't have good insurance and just felt like it took too much time to get me in and operated on. So I will keep this bandage on a few more days then I'll be putting the new one on. But I can't stand being able to feel my toes hanging out of the brace. It's driving me crazy! I've re-adjusted it a half a dozen times, I know, but I can't get it like I want it. I hope I haven't re-injured anything. :/
Well that's interesting. I am in a boot, with Velcro straps. Anyway I kept feeling like something hard was rubbing against my outside ankle, which took the brunt of the fall. Anyway just now I took the boot off.. have already gotten new gauze and a bandage from Amazon, just like the one I have.. anyway I was rubbing my ankle and I felt something hard, and there IS something there - and I just realized it - and - it bled. Was this from the surgery, I wonder, or have I also rubbed a sore spot? The blood is not fresh, but it's been like that for awhile - the soreness - but I told the guy when he called and he said that was normal, but I didn't know about the blood, then. I guess I better call them. Boy do I wish I'd known this! But when I take the boot off and rub t it doesn't hurt, so.. I think I would know if I had an open sore. I can't believe I just felt that thing - I can't see it so don't know what material it is, but that's why my ankle has hurt so much in the boot. I'm dying to take the gauze off but I'm not going to. I go a week from today to see the doctor for port op.

I'm sure that thing is there to protect my ankle but again, I wish I'd known! I wonder if I should call. God I hate this! Sorry to whine, but I would already be in my 2nd week of PT if I hadn't have waited and they hadn't taken so long. :/
And my ankle hurts. :(

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