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And yes, elevate elevate elevate. Yes above your heart, that is to avoid blood problem and to keep the swelling down. I did that until my stitches on my ankle were removed (end of september this year) . I mostly laid down until the stitches came out and did not spend too much time in the wheel chair. When the stitches came, I was given a tall walking boot. I never iced or wore the boot. My surgeon told me I did not have to wear it unless I went out and I was afraid that someone would bump into my foot. He told me the boot was for protection only and had nothing to do with making the recovery faster or make the outcome any better but it does keep other people from getting too close to the injured area. I think he knows what he is doing, he only does surgery on foot and elbows and he is a professor of ortho. here at the UC Davis teaching hospital, so I trust what he says, but I can tell from the posts on this board that all doctors/surgeons do their own thing.

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