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Thanks Hollywood 48. So far this seems like a grade one, should be fine in a few days deal. My PT said that I should ice, take it very easy this weekend and if I am not better when I go to see him Wednesday he'll call the dr. for me. So hopefully he's right. I am wearing my boot tonight because I'm watching my mom's 2 puppies and they wrestle a lot which doesn't feel safe.

The hard thing is that I can't see what is going on. I can tell that I have swelling in at least one of the places that hurts but I have no idea if it is bruised or not. It hurts over a decent part of my foot, like a sprain dose, (it wraps around from the 5th metatarsal and around the malleolus and where my peroneals were repaired to my arch and is sore through part of the ball of my foot as well) so I apparently aggravated tissue in there but I can't bend my ankle around to really look at it and I can only see so much with a mirror. I know it is much, much less swollen that my grade III sprain. Beyond that I don't know. The boot feels good and I may wear it Monday when I have to do a good bit of walking just for the support.

I am glad that I am not out so far that if there is an injury it will be more than some time in the boot. I would be so frustrated to have to go back into a brace once that comes off and when I'm done with PT I hope that is it. What happened to you would be even more frustrating than this.

I'm mostly glad that it isn't worse. It was such a small movement it seems amazing that it hurt anything but that's why I'm still in a brace I guess. It is still very frustrating to have any delay in recovery though. Tomorrow I'll try some stretching lightly and see what that does; that may make me feel better or at least tell me more about what I've really done here.

The ankle is rapidly becoming my least favorite joint. :)

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