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[QUOTE=Robox58;5326922]Sinclair can you elaborate on the recovery ups and downs? I'm suppose to be having surgery in Dec and am really nervous of what to expect and I'm trying to really wrap my arms around this whole thing. Thanks![/QUOTE]

With PTTD surgery, there are many phases. My doctor had me casted and non-weight bearing for 9weeks. The initial post-op pain improves after about 5 days, but the cast can be uncomfortable with staples underneath. Fortunately, my doctor changed my cast every 7-10 days as a matter of routine...not all surgeons do that. Each time I was convinced that the cast was too tight or was rubbing me raw in certain spots, but when the cast came off, everything looked fine. The last 2-3 weeks in the cast were better, especially once the staples came out. My foot was numb in many areas, not really a bad thing. After awhile, the nerves begin to regenerate and that can cause a stinging feeling. If that is really bad, there are meds that can help tremendously with nerve pain...not everyone is bothered by that though. When the cast comes off, it is very exciting and feels great. Then I started PT which I enjoyed. It felt good to get moving. However, the beginning of the partial weight bearing phase was much more challenging than I expected. My foot had been immobile for so long that it didn't feel good to put weight on it, even in a boot. It takes awhile to get to a normal walking gait, good days, and bad days.

I don't intend to scare you with all of this. None of the phases were is just a long recovery and each phase has its challenges. I had a knee scooter and managed to get out a lot during my early recovery. Not everyone does that, but for me, it was good for my state of mind to go to a movie, sit in handicapped section and prop my foot on scooter, or go to church. I was NWB during Christmas, so friends would pick me up and take me to parties. I would park myself on the sofa and let friends bring me food. I might be tired after, but much better than being a hermit. My motto is to keep moving if at all possible.

Best of luck to you. Learn all you can, prepare, then buckle up and get through it! You can do it. So glad I did.

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