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I am a 46 y/o female and in 2003 I was in a head on MVA where I crushed my tibia and fibula as well as broke my kneecap in three places. It took forever for my bones to heal and had to use a bone stimulator due to mal-union which really didn't work very well. I have had 10+ surgeries since then to include metal plates on the the left and right sides with about 9 screws, I've had two bone grafts (the first one didn't take and became infected), removal of one of the plates due to a broken screw then another placement of a plate on the same side again with a wedge cut out of my bone to try and straighten my leg which had a severe deformation curve, a screw removed from the front of my ankle, a spur removed from that area. My hammer toes straightened (they developed after the initial incident), my tendon at the back of my leg lengthened and my big toe fused. My most recent surgeries were last year. I'm still in constant pain, can't walk or stand for any length of time and the surgeon that done my last surgery told me the next step would be ankle fusion. I prefer not to have the fusion because I'm just tired of hurting and I wan't my quality of life back and don't want to have to take pain medication for the rest of my life. I've done a lot of research on both of these options and I choose BKA. Comments, advice, suggestions and/or experiences welcome. Thanks so much!

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