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Hello! It sounds like you are taking plenty of Vitamin D. I'm taking 1,800 and you are taking 5,000, which is a much higher dosage. What kind of doctor do you have? Do you have a DPM (aka Podiatrist)? It all depends on the board certifications. Many podiatrists do not have the in depth training that compares to an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the foot and ankle.

I am concerned for you, as your bones have not fused yet you are walking, and without a boot. If it is not fused, I don't think you should be walking. That is what my doctor has said prior to surgery.

I had TN fusion and Achilles tendon lengthening 6 months ago. Luckily, my bones fused at 9.2 weeks and I was NWB for ten weeks. I have been in PT weekly since I had my cast removed, and some PT before that. When I went into the CAM boot and started gradual WB, the PT at the time was too aggressive and tried to have me walk and march in place far sooner than I and my foot were ready to do so. It caused me tremendous pain, feeling like a sledge hammer to my ankle with each new step. I couldn't tolerate it anymore and returned to my doctor. Initially he said my bones were fused and I could try walking at ten weeks. But when he saw me again at about 14 weeks, he noted that six bones surrounding my fusion were swollen and inflamed in pain. I changed PTs, and the new PT was given new directions from my surgeon -- to take it slowly and gradually and help me build up the muscles and soft tissues surrounding my fusion. The new PT is great! Needless to say, it's been a long journey. That first PT essentially made me lose 8 weeks of progress. In mid-December, at about 21 weeks, I started walking short distances/steps of 8-10 steps with moderate pain. Then, finally, at 24 weeks, I am finally able to walk in my home without using my knee scooter.

My whole world has opened up. I can go grocery shopping on my own. I can lift the knee scooter in and out of my car to go to work (but this is painful). (I returned to work at 6 weeks from home and in person at ~4 months.). I still have a long ways to go to strengthen my muscles in my ankle and foot. I was walking on an injured foot for 4.5 years before I finally did the surgery. I do have other pain and injuries that make it more difficult to recover, Including a neck and arm injury, a back injury (from all those casts, CAM boots, and Richie braces), and an acquired shoulder injury from using all the walking equipment (walker and knee scooter).

I finally feel like I am more than half way to being healed. I only hope my PT, exercises and recovery go better and faster as the weeks go by. I hope that your foot and ankle have time to fuse, heal, and recover.


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