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[QUOTE=left foot;5336074]Laurain...I had my surgery 2 days after you. It tooks months for me to start walking well also. Around the end of October I started feeling much stronger and was able to be on my feet for much longer periods of time at work. I was even able to finally do a single heel raise, and was so excited about that. Then, around the beginning of December all of a sudden everything shut down and I began to get really sore again. I can't seem to recover. Saw my surgeon a little over a week ago and he is sending me to one of his colleagues for a consult to see if its a buildup of scar tissue. He says he thinks the tendon transfer is OK, but is also leaning towards the possibility of arthritis, and even mentioned another surgery. He said he's trying to do what he can to keep me from that. I don't know, it doesn't feel like arthritis to me, it feels a lot like it did before surgery, like my tendon is going bad again. I'm considering going to someone else for a second opinion. So frustrating that I went through all that only to be in the same place a year later. Still hoping things will turn around soon but getting more and more doubtful as time goes on.[/QUOTE]

Hi leftfoot and Laurain hope your holidays are going well!

I had my Pttd surgery on Sept 15, 2014 I still have major swelling and foot turns dark purple all the time. I had 20 procedures done it was a six and half hour surgery. I don't know all the proper medical terms of each procedure. I do know I have two long titatium screws holding my heel in alignment, I also had my foot broke in three places the one on top was to put in a cadaver bone to a!ign and lenghthen my foot. I also had Achilles tendon lengthened, he cleaned and repaired all the rips in my posterior tibial tendon, he also opened the muscle that runs either over or near my tendon a d released the nerve. I also had a ligament in the same area that was badly torn, he also used a nearby tendon to help strengthen my posterior tibial tendon. He also wrapped my nerve in stem cells after releasing the entrapment. He did many more procedures to many to list, my anesteologist said after surgery that in all his 20 plus years he had never seen so many procedures and six and a half hours of surgery!

At three weeks post op my cadaver bone was healing on top of my foot ahead of schedule,I did also get an infection and had to go on high dose antibiotics. I went through 3 cast along the way. Then at my 7weeks post op my surgeon said my cadaver bone had quit healing since the last visit. He said he would be ordering I believe it is called a bone stimulator machine that I would have to use two times a day 20min at a time, I received it the Monday after Thanksgiving and have been using ever since. My last post op my surgeon said I am at 70% now that visit was before Christmas. He also made the imprints for my ortho s for my shoes he said this will help the area around my tendon, ligament and nerve release. I get so frustrated I know you all can relate. My surgeon said at last visit that I could 50% weight bear with my cane u til it hurt which does not take long, I had to call my surgeon on Christmas eve because my foot was so dark purple and three times its size, I over did it getting ready for our year!y Christmas eve get together, so he took back the weight bearing and told me to stay off it as much as possible. I will see him again when my orthos come in or before if needed. So take it from me try Not to over do it! I could barely get up for two days I spent Christmas day and the day after on our couch on pain pills and sleeping.

So left foot I will be praying so hard that you get better without anymore surgery! I look up to you.

Laura in I am so sorry about all your pain, I pray your recovery goes quick and well, I love this site and all the caring and knowledgeable people here!

We are all in it for the long haul it's nice to know we are not alone!

Hugs Theresa

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