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[QUOTE=September83;5337562]I had surgery to repair my subluxing peroneal tendon (groove deepening), repair tears to ligaments and tendons and to clean out the talus process. It freakin' hurts!
I'm on hydromorphone (2 every 4 hours) and hydromorphone contin (2 per day) and this isn't enough! I left a message with my dr, but am awaiting a reply. In the mean time I have been icing, elevating and adding one hydromorphone (staggered) and taking the two every 3 hours instead of 4. Is this ok?! I only slept one hour last night. I know you are supposed to stay on top of the pain, rather than react to it.
Anyone have similar experiences? Any suggestions? From what I read on line, taking the pills early and adding one is ok as long as there are no negative side effects. I'm having no side effects and limited effects.
If you had a similar experience post surgery, when did the intense pain go away?

Welcome to the board, I pray your pain goes away soon. Keep calling your doctor, hopefully he will respond.

I had my pttd surgery on Sept 15, 2014 I am almost four months post op. My surgery took six and a half hours to complete my surgeon did 20 procedures including a cadaver bone on top of my foot to help re align my foot,also two long titatium screws in my heel to re align my heel bone, he also did tendon repair/fission, ligament damage, nerve release into a muscle, Achilles tendon lengthening in my calf plus many more procedures to list. I spent 3 days in the hospital, my surgeon released me on Valium 5mg,s and dillaud 2mgs, I was on these for 3 months I am currently on oxycodon 5mgs, at times after being up to much I feel I need something stronger. I know we both had different procedures but I can relate to being in pain. I am only allowed to weight bear a little each day, I get tired of not being able to do what I want when I want, I know you can relate. I also have to use a bone stimulator machine twice a day. The cadaver bone on top of my foot quit fussing before thanksgiving, I pray it works if not I will have to have a steel plate with screws put there.

What is your projected recovery time? Mine is from surgery date anywhere from one to two years till I will be walking fully again without help from,wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, boots,etc. I pray you have a speedy recovery. Hope you and your surgeon can work out your pain meds. I love this site, it's so nice to know you are not alone! Happy New Year, I pray it gets better!

Hugs, Theresa

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