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Re: PT and Walking!
Jan 20, 2015
JustMeJen, your stories did make me laugh especially because I can see the same things happening to me! I often joke with one of my friends about our only argument in 6 years of friendship...Last Christmas we decided to do a progressive dinner where we would have appetizers at one person's house, the main course at someone else's house, etc. I was around 3 months post op at the time (probably out of the boot around 2 weeks) and was having HORRIBLE, SHARP pain on uneven ground (anything that brought the outside of my foot up while my leg was traveling forward was sssoooo painful!). It had snowed and frozen into my worst nightmare of slippery unevenness. When we arrived at the second house we had to park pretty far away and navigate around approximately 15 cars...I was STRUGGLING and not happy about it! I was terrified of falling and every step risked having that awful pain appear. My friend wanted to carry me, but I had visions of both of us ending up on the ground with broken limbs (not to mention, I have no idea how she planned to get me on her back since jumping was certainly not an option!). At that point, we had a fairly heated discussion/argument that ended in her screaming "GET ON MY BACK!" and me retorting "NO!" Quite the scene! LOL Hopefully, I don't have as much pain with uneven ground this time around.

Anyway, Day 4 of PT went well...After my therapist adjusted my foot, I was able to walk without crutches and with much less pain (just the bruised feeling in my heel). Left to itself, my foot still is pulled to the inside and rotated onto the outside bones (basically stuck in excessive supination) which is causing most of my pain on the outside of my foot with walking (near the bone graft site). This is a result of the surgery moving everything to the inside then being casted with my foot pointed down and in. After my therapist stretches my foot, it is in a much more neutral position which allows me to walk...I'm still surprised every time! Unfortunately, my foot returns to it's supinated position within a few hours; however, after each therapy session, it becomes less extreme. Today, I used only one crutch when I went to work and have been able to walk around my house and office without crutches...I'm hoping to be able to go to my next PT appointment crutch free! The ups and downs of weight bearing (and recovery in general) are frustrating, but I am definitely progressing :).

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