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I have had both of your possible procedures the doctor told you about. I had the modified Brostrom (Brostrom Gould) with peroneal tendon exploration the first time in 2001 and then Brostrom Gould with peroneal tendon repair (and groove deepening) 3 yrs ago in 2012. The first time I had it done by a general OS (vs a foot/ankle OS) which was a mistake...but anyway I was only in a cast 3.5-4 wks and was back to work by week 5 in a boot. WAY. TOO. EARLY. I'm squirming just thinking about it. I also had no PT. I had a lot of repercussions and I believe it's what started my downhill to the 2nd eventual surgery. After the 2nd surgery (with a foot/ankle OS), I was in a hard cast NWB for 6 wks, then in a boot another 4 took me nearly 2 wks to go from NWB to FWB in the boot so basically crutches were a part of my life the better part of 2 months. I had PT for 3 months. This was a MUCH easier recovery. Now granted, I wasn't working outside the home after the 2nd so I had the liberty. But even so, I wish I had taken the time after my 1st surgery to recover well (and I was single, but no dependent child). It was also my left ankle...but I couldn't imagine driving and having to push down on the gas or slam on brakes when needed after 2.5 wks. Not to mention you may not be completely off pain meds. Not trying to scare you, but just giving you my story and perspective having been through both your possible procedure scenarios and their respective recoveries. Granted, everyone heals/recovers differently and at different paces...I would definitely make an appt with your OS and ask a lot of questions. Take a pad/pen and write down your questions beforehand and write down his answers. OR I used the notes on my phone for my list of questions and I was lucky that my foot/ankle surgeon wrote out all his comments and drew pics on paper for me to take home. You could ask for that too. Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions! It's what we're here for!!!

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