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I actually saw a psychiatrist (rehab dr) working in the ortho dept at my (top few orthopedic in the US hospital) who firmly believed that somehow 2 torn tendons, 2 torn ligaments and a previously torn Achilles, plus a joint full of debris, was all going ot heal itself with PT. If you knew exactly how dedicated to therapy I am you'd find this even funnier but she insisted I WANTED surgery and gave me a very hard time, culminating in literally grabbing my brace and stomping out of the room to show the orthopedist how overtreated I was. (I had a hefty brace because I lifted people for a living and was wearing through figure 8 braces every 3 weeks and we felt not dropping people was a good idea. Plus I wore through 3 of those in 4 years so cleraly it wasn't too much; I ruined 2 of 'em by inverting until the hinge broke). She didn't know what a Brostrom (ligament repair) even was. She came back in and said that the orthopedist told her some people just had surgery because they got tired of their ankles giving out. She said she'd refer me to an ortho who wouldn't do surgery and that I was to do PT.

Net result: I cancelled her ortho and got in with foot/ankle specialist who recommended surgery or a significnatly greater brace. I did PT for 3 weeks (until I could see foot/ankle) with both the PT and I knowing it wasn't going to help and the result being numerous falls, including one down the stairs where my computer hit me in the mouth and broke and tooth, followed by my AFTL rupturing loudly in my next PT session. IT was a complete waste.

Point being, some drs are really bizarre about this stuff. I would love to go back to that woman and tell her that every minute of 6 weeks of bedrest, 10 weeks of casts, 6 weeks in a boot and 3 months in a brace were worth it because now I can stand on that leg and nothing bad happens and that no matter how much PT I'd done with great dedication nothing more than that ligament rupturing was going to come of it. She was ridiculous.

You may have found a dr like that and if you have, RUN. Well, don't run, it will hurt your ankle, but limp as fast as you can. :)

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