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I'm actually fine now. So there is hope for you! The only time I really have anything from the nerves is if I forget and scratch when it itches. I rarely forget. I did get some nerve stuff when I turned my ankle and it swelled and bruised some but that was quickly over and minor. The first few weeks in the brace were frustrating and I kept saying how much I hated the brace but once I finally was used to it it was fine. Ace wraps were really irritating to me for whatever reason. That's what I used first and it was so uncomfortable.I don't even remember how (this would have been early October) but I do remember hating the feeling. Maybe it was the texture?Or it felt too thick and the brace was uncomfortable? I'm not sure.

I think that I was down to just a band-aid or two after a week or two. Once I had adequate padding and just took a little off at a time it got used to the brace pretty quickly.

Also, if you're at 5 weeks you are doing this SO MUCh sooner than I did. I got my brace at 16 weeks. So if it bothered me I can't imagine how much it bothers you.

The only thing worse than the brace those first weeks was the day a PTA stuck e-stim pads on my incision. It was still scabby so it angered the nerves and pulled on the scabs. After that I was very specific about pad placement although I don't think we used stim much longer.

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