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i had a brostrum for multiple ripped up parts as well as my peroneal tendon and its cover due to sublexation.

they kept my foot neutral for a while, but i was in a walking boot around the house, etc. before the first month was up post op. took a few more weeks after that before i could go on short shopping trip, etc.

so for me there was no way i could have drove after a couple weeks or even a month. i was also told about not being cleared by a doc to even legally allow it. maybe some could do it with a big boot with practice but not with my car :)

another thing is and this may have to do with type of repairs but the pushing, etc. needed to slam on the brakes wasn't allowed for a while either i was told it took a month+ for the repairs to atleast set.

as far as the work i was still getting painfull throbbing at the month mark but for some reason i was able to handle the airboot with no cast a few weeks after surgery around the house with no crutches the first time. the boot for some reason contained my swelling during those short trips. i do remember overdoing it and feeling the swelling hit when i took the boot off so i continued to rice but it did well after a full day on my feet during the act atleast.

if i worked at a desk im sure you could find something to prop your leg up to atleast raise it some, something is better than nothing and hopefully you don't swell up. i didn't even go back to work until months after surgery.

i wasn't driving until past month 2, not to say i couldn't have done it but i know it wouldn't have felt great at that point in my rehab to slam on the brakes. and no way could i fit the clunky boot, etc. i had around the pedals without stomping both. i also went into my shoe around the 2 month post op mark and then i had months of therapy to build my strength, etc. up
i think i just looked up a video of what you are talking about. is that fabric used as well as the repair so its like an extra layer of protection if you were to roll it?

does anybody know what might happen long term with agitation and breaking down?

from what i read it seems simple to add this to a brostrum, makes you wonder why all docs wouldn't use it.

i was back in my shoe with a brace at about 2 months post op and hobbled around the first week and was tired but then it progressed fast and they added stairs, therabands later. i think it was 6 weeks of neutral position for me except when washing, massaging and very simple movements early on. i was in therapy before the first month post op.

i just remember how i felt when i could start moving, etc. and was layed up before the surgery so things were probably weak. no way would i have had the strength or proprioception to even attempt that kind of rapid recovery.

im guessing the fiber isn't best in all cases? i will feel pretty bummed if there is something i could have done during surgery :(
I had the internal brace surgery on my right ankle on May 6, 2015. This was my third ankle surgery. I am now partial weight bearing and I am not cleared to drive at this point. I would say it will be at least two months before you can drive. My first surgery was a modified brostrum repair. The second surgery was a pearoneal tendon repair. I am still recovering so I can't speak on the long term results. My surgeon said this is a relatively new procedure. He has only performed 5 of these surgeries, so he doesn't really have any long term results from his patients as well. Good luck on your surgery!!!

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