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... nding OS explained that he recommended to not do the triple, because although the triple had a higher success rate, that he was concerned that I would outlive my ankle and that you limit your options down the road.... ... (5 replies)
Fusion Revision?
Jan 31, 2010
... To all of my fellow ankle and subtalar fusion friends, I'm curious about malunions and revisions. I'm continuing to have issues and the thought that I may have some underlying problems like a malunion (not a nonunion) going on has crossed my mind more than once lately. I would love to hear from someone who had a malunion -did you have pain? if so, where was it? what... (15 replies)
... start wearing a shoe have not had to take pain meds since about end of march so far so good will know more when i get out of boot. get some pain around inside of ankle feels like tendons popping into place really hurts sometimes but only for a couple minutes then it goes as fast as it comes. ... (7 replies)

... I do not have experience wth Flat Foot Reconstruction, but I may be able to relate to how you feel. I had an ankle fusion done two years ago that has caused a series of misfortunes. I am in more pain now than I was before my fusion. ... (4 replies)
... sure of it, I might get the fusion to not have to wear this brace. Not sure...need a lot more research. ... (7 replies)
... lso did a mri as well as a CT scan that immediately revealed a fracture dislocation as well as a possible injury to my lisfranc ligament. He recomended a midfoot fusion and I jumped on it. ... (7 replies)
... a little different than most. I had to have the silicon stem removed from the 1st mp joint that was left in after my implant gave out, and a bone graft from my ankle to pack all the deteriated bone from the implant. Unfornuately, screws could not be used. I had temporary pins put in place. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, I just read your post and I agree with everything you said sure is nice to know that other people out there have been through so much with the ankle surgeries gives me some idea as to what I need to do. I like you am pretty active I like to do alot of different things to see if it will help in the healing. ... (193 replies)
... Hi Rebad, This is Peg, had my fusion 6-26-03. Still not 100% but doing fairly well most days. I had many set backs I would say. I always would over do on my good days you know. Anyways, when things were 'bad' I would go back to using the cam walker for a few days, sometimes even the crutches. This did help lots. There were days I even used just the crutches when I was... (193 replies)
... I had fusion in July also. My ankle hurts in no particular pattern. Sometimes it has a dull ache, sometimes there are crackling moments, sometimes I get shooting pains that last a few seconds. ... (193 replies)
... m 10 months out of a subtalar revision surgery and feel worse than I did before surgery. I am looking for some answers too. I have a screw that is causing some problems for me. It is sticking out of the back of my heel rubbing my achilles tendon. Are your screws or pins sticking out at all? ... (13 replies)
... I don't know about subtalar implants but when I had problems with my big toe my orthopedic surgeon said that implants do not work and instead did a fusion. Many people don't tolerate implants and need them taken out. ... (2 replies)
... I don't know about subtalar implants but when I had problems with my big toe my orthopedic surgeon said that implants do not work and instead did a fusion. Many people don't tolerate implants and need them taken out. ... (2 replies)
... MORE PROBLEMS!! After returning to see th consultant I have now been placed in a 'aircast removable boot' However at the appointment the consultant is now concerned as he feels I should not be getting the amount of pain I am getting at this point in the recovery. Was sent to have an ultrasound, which I had last tuesday and the doctor mentioned the actual tendon is now... (7 replies)
... Jane I am so sorry to hear you have gone through all you have and you know there are more to deal with down the road. we are all in the same boat regarding the emotion roller coater (?) I am angry, upset, sad, happy at different times, and I don't have a calm personality at all. the night I thought about how much my pod screwed up my not so bad foot let me went though the... (22 replies)
... u are smart enough to realize sometimes we all need help in dealing with some of lifes frustations. I am glad to hear you will be talking with someone about your problems I am positive it will help you. It sure sounds like your ankle is doing better now in time it will be even better. ... (193 replies)
... Hey Titchou thanks for the reply. My surgeon was a DPM at a foot and ankle place so i'm not sure if that means he is certified or not. It sounds like you had way more success with the surgery then i did. ... (3 replies)
... I would personally not be putting weight on it for you could damage the bone fusion. I know my younger brother has had foot surgery before and dr told him not and now he has problems. I had foot surgery 15 days ago and have listend to him and my foot is doing well. Get a knee scooter that would help. I love mine (3 replies)
... need the Triple Arthrodesis on both feet. Currently, I am recovering from 2 stress fractures in the metatarsals in my left foot and we discovered the other problems via xrays of my right foot, as it was beginning to really hurt. It was diagnosed as Naviclar Arthritis in my right ankle. ... (11 replies)
... I had a partial tear of my ATFL and CFL ligaments, along with some others from a severe ankle sprain at age 14. I would say definitely look into other options before you go to surgery. ... (4 replies)

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