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... but I didn't pay much attention to it. They are all red and the big toe and second toe are VERY swollen. ... (3 replies)
... ray for narrowing joint space and a DPM finding of loss of ROM, I don't really suffer from any symptoms. Yet. ... (3 replies)
Big toe fusion
Apr 4, 2012
... I had an altered gait before I had the surgery. Instead of toeing off my big toe, I toed off my little toe. ... (16 replies)

... So over the last several months I have been developing increasing pain in my right big toe on the bottom lower pad. There is nothing visibly wrong with the toe, no callus or thickening skin. ... (2 replies)
Fusion of Big Toe
Oct 14, 2009
... and the other one didn't. I had a pin in the 2nd toe, but only screws and plates in the big toe. ... (162 replies)
... to allow the sesamoid bones to go back to their place and you shouldn't have pain. I have yet to find that true. ... (1 replies)
... m now 49, and up to a few years ago was extremely active. ... (2 replies)
... is it possible you had more injuries from the toe incident and you are just finding this out now? ... (4 replies)
... A year ago I was anxiously awaiting my surgery to fuse my big toe joint. I went through different stages of anxiety. ... (2 replies)
... I too was very apprehensive before getting right toe fused. Bottom line.....just do it. Mine has been very successful and I should've done it long ago. I had it done with a bone graft from my hip to lengthen the toe to match the left big toe on Feb 4, 09. ... (162 replies)
... I had a big toe fusion about 6.5 weeks ago. A few days ago, my dr. gave me the ok to go ahead and wear regular shoes and be full weight bearing. ... (1 replies)
... all your questions sound so familiar. it seems so many people have this problem with the big toe joint and yet i have never personally met anyone so i could bend their ear and get some info, so these forums are so interesting to me. ... (28 replies)
... I have had pins removed from my toes through various surgeries with my toes...a total of 8 pins. The pins being removed from my second toe has always been the most painful. The last time they took me in the outpatient to take it out because it was in my foot really deep. ... (9 replies)
... Im 34 and last year noticed 2 plantars warts on the bottom of my big toe. They didnt hurt or anything, so I left them alone. It was maybe a month or two later, I developed 2 warts on the TOP of my big toe. ... (1 replies)
... I was wondering is someone from this board could make a recommendation to me. I had a cheilectomy and slight bunionectomy on my right foot last year. A well known podiatrist performed the surgery it in a few days. However, the pain has never gone away. ... (3 replies)
... The fifth metatarsal is the long foot bone connected to your little toe, and the peroneal tendons run from your calf, behind your outer "ankle bone" down into the foot. So it's irritated near the place where it joins your foot. ... (3 replies)
... I was sitting on the couch and I had this cramp that made my toes cramp sooooo bad that there was about an inch gap between my big toe and second.My second toe overlaps my big one.My toes just stretched and straightened out like I have never seen before. ... (13 replies)
... ound arch area but mostly around the tibial tendon up to my calf. Arch started to collapse , we tried everything conservative treatment. Every time he checked my foot it was getting worse and I was also having some pain in outer ankle and it always felt unstable. ... (11 replies)
... It does pinch a little. I heard that staples hurt worse. Make sure you take some pain medicine before you go to your appointment and you should be fine. I didn't see my surgeon for 2 weeks after surgery. At that point they removed the stitches and put me in a real cast. ... (4 replies)
Foot problem
Jul 15, 2013
... Hi I don't know if it will. Hurt too much but can you squeeze your foot right at the side of the little toe and the side of the big toe and squeeze Together. If it hurts more you may have a mortons neuroma where there is a benign growth on a nerve between two of the toes. ... (6 replies)

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