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... I have had flat feet all my life, and bilateral bunions that give me pain. I chickened out of bunion surgery in my 20s. ... (7 replies)
... I am having surgery to remove bilateral bunions from my right foot and the doctor will fuse some bones to stabilize my foot. ... (1 replies)
... And without knowing the exact procedures that you are having, it will be difficult to give you much information about recovery. There are dozens of options for bunions and they all have different recoveries. ... (1 replies)

... Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my post. I really appreciate it. (2 replies)
... of bilateral bunions surgeries, including lapidus, one foot will feel better faster than the other. ... (2 replies)
... ery in the first stages. By keeping the foot up you reduce swelling which increases the rate of recovery. I'd really say take four weeks off. You've had these bunions for such a long time, four weeks to recover in comparison is nothing. It'll do you good in the long term. ... (64 replies)
... horendous! My surgeon didn't give me any information at all .... I went in to have a chat and next thing I'm booked in for surgery .... I am 45 and have had my bunions since I was 13 so I've suffered the pain of them for such a long time until finally I said "no more" .... ... (64 replies)
... oh yeah I know its wierd how we are all kinda young with these bunions! Im flat footed so I'm guessing mine came about from that! (64 replies)
... Oh okay...whats the chevron procedure? Do you have permanat screws in your toes? I had scarf osteotomy on both feet plus an extra procedure on my left (akin). Oh thats okay if your in a least you wont be stuck in your room like i was for 4 weeks!! (64 replies)
... Oh, yes, I had a scarf osteotomy on my right foot and a chevron on my left as it was nowhere near as bad. It's amazing that we're all so young with these bunions! What procedures did you have, and you DD? xx (64 replies)
... I went to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in feet/ankles. There are good podiatrists out there, but I never thought to see one. My regular doc referred me to the ortho surgeon and he was fabulous. I had trouble walking, too. And after looking at the xrays, it was no wonder - my feet were a mess! (18 replies)
... I have horrible bunions and can't ignore them any longer, it's gotten hard to even walk. ... (18 replies)
... Very nice, Aimski!! I'm 6 months out with my left foot and 2 months with my right foot. I'm still amazed looking at my feet. I asked my doctor at my last appt if the bunions woud come back, and he said they can always come back, but I had the kind of surgery (lapidus) that it's highly unlikely because of the bone fusion. He also gave me the okay to finally start exercising... (18 replies)
... correction!! I just did the maths- I just hit 4 months yesterday!!! haha I made it!! My specialist even says I don't have to come back for the 6 month apt if I don't want to- as I have progressed really well!! Both feet look amazing!! I still just look at them in wonder (wow how did my toes get so straight? and Where have those horrible growths on the sides of my feet... (18 replies)
... (40 replies)
... Dear Nurse, Hi, I have not had to have that procedure, but my friend is the sister of a top MD surgeon in a Harvard teaching hospital and she is the daughter of a (late) professor of physiology at a famous medical school, and a long time medical social worker: So I listen to her when she is trying to find a good doctor for her feet. I have worked in hospitals, too, but... (12 replies)
... hours a day when I go back. I am looking to have bilateral bunions done. Thanks all! ... (12 replies)
... hey Bunionboy, I had scarf surgery (bunions) on both feet 14 days ago. This site has loads of great tips and advice. Have a look around!! I will say, that I found a wheelchair very useful...well I still do! The wheelchair has helped me have SOME independence in an otherwise completely dependant situation! If you are strict and only get up to go to the loo and shower, then... (12 replies)
... You found a good spot BB! I just had my right MTP joint fused on Oct 28th and am doing well. Check through all the threads related to bunions and MTP joints and you will get lots of ideas. There is a woman in here who just had both feet done, and she has posted around in different threads. ... (12 replies)
... I had bilateral bunions surgery + a hammertoe correction on my 2nd toe of left foot (which was crossed over to the 3rd toe and the joint was almost detached before the surgery), and a little incision on the 2nd right toe of the right foot six weeks ago. Everything went great with the surgery and I have minimal pain. I've been wearing gym shoes and doing pt (2x a week) and... (6 replies)

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