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... Hi there, I have been lurking here as well as my teenage daughter is having a bilateral scarf/akin osteotomy for juvenile bunions. Once she's had her surgery, I will post up any exercises she is given. Hope you are recovering well, from all I've read it's not an easy surgery to go through. (1 replies)
... I also have high arches, bilateral hammertoes, halux varus, flattening of the 2nd metatarsal head, subluxation of the DIPJ, heel spurs, and haglunds disease! ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I'm 15 weeks post bilateral bunionectomy. I still have some swelling, not in my big toe but in the joints where the bunions were. I still have some numbness in the one foot that was worse. ... (9 replies)

... Hi Aimski, I'm not sure if you're still reading these boards, but hope you are! I'm 4 months post op now and I still can't really wear heels. I know you mentioned at 18 months you can wear heels and do pretty much anything, but do you remember when you started wearing heels again? Also I have slight stiffness in my feet in the mornings, do you remember if you... (40 replies)
... I have crutches but no wheelchair. I used a wheely desk chair for the first couple of days but I'm now walking with the shoes and crutches (only to the bathroom and back etc) Thanks for the warning, at least I can be prepared for the pain when the bandages come off. (40 replies)
... I'm having a memory that it was quite painful going to the doc to get the bandages off but I had crutches. If u don't have them- do! & a wheel chair!! So good for getting around without weight bearing!! Good luck! (40 replies)
... Thanks! I get the bandages off in a weeks time (2weeks post op) so I guess I'll leave it until then and see how I go. At the moment it feels as though I won't be able to bear any weight on the balls of my feet any time soon as it's very painful. (40 replies)
... Oh gosh I'm trying to remember!! I would give it 10 days before u start putting ur weight on it but I was told to let pain be ur guide! Hope that helps?!don't forget to do exercises, keep up fluids, elevate & relax!!! Any other questions just ask!! (40 replies)
... Hi Aimski, Well I went ahead with the surgery and am now 6 days post op. I was just wondering when you started putting weight on the balls of your feet? I'm just resting my feet with minimal walking at the mo, it's getting very tiring though! Thanks, P (40 replies)
... Hi Aimski, Thanks for your reply! It's helped a lot. There are so many horror stories about people's surgery which didn't turn out as planned and that was freaking me out. Reading your story has given me hope. I guess everyone is different, I just have to make sure I rest my feet, ice and do the excercises! I'm looking forward to wearing flip flops! thanks very... (40 replies)
... Wow u poor thing. I know exactly where u r coming from! First thing to say is I do not regret it!! I did get pain but had the same doubts about the level of pain and is it worth it! For me yes!! Both feet done- would do it all again!! Here is the GOOD stuff- 18 mths on - I can wear heals!! I can run jump do what ever I like! Left toe is perfect! Bends right back& no pain at... (40 replies)
... I've has 3 ankle surgeries and bilateral tailors bunions corrected. ... (15 replies)
... hey everyone!!! It's funny- I felt all 'at home' seeing these familiar names weighing in on this topic!! ;-) How are you- earthworm, pearl and northwind!!? To answer the question (in my opinion)- I had bilateral scarf bunionectomy- and I say- ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON for sure!! mine was a foot and ankle specialist, and even though he had the communication skills of a mute, his... (12 replies)
... That's great news aimski. My foot is doing well. I am going to get another x-ray this week or next to see how it is progressing. (40 replies)
... How are you feet now? I'm 7 months post op with one and 3 weeks post op with the second. I admire you for doing both! (40 replies)
... I had bilateral 5th metatarsal bunions done by an orthopedic foot and ankle doc. I made that choice because I had been to see podiatrists and was not impressed. ... (12 replies)
... has been horrible. I've had two ankle surgeries, surgery for bilateral 5th metatarsal bunions, 1st metatarsal stress fracture, 2 ankle sprains, and a nasty concussion since August 2007. ... (7 replies)
... ha! I still can't stop looking at my feet either!! Good luck for the next one, you will be complety prepared surprises ;-) (40 replies)
... Aimski - It's good to hear how well you're doing! When I had my cast removed, the first thing I saw were the stitches, swelling and bruising and said "I thought I'd have more hair on my legs." The nurse just laughed. My sister was with me and she said "but look - no more bunion!" It really looked strange and I couldn't stop looking at it for a good week. Now it looks... (40 replies)
... Hi Roydale, did you have JUST scarf osteotomy.....on both feet? And are your stichers dissolvable? Are you in Australia, US, C or UK? I ask becuase these are the things that will make our progress differ... It's exciting to see a normal foot isn't it!!! My Dr. told me pain needed to be my guide, he would not give me dates. He said if you are feeling low to no pain,... (40 replies)

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