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... THANKS everyone for your advice and sharing your experiences:wave: (40 replies)
... Hi aimski, I hope you do get to wear some Birkenstocks.......And even some prettier sandals! Thanks for the update! (40 replies)
... I started working from home at 3 weeks a couple days a week, and went back into the office after 1 month. I work 1 day a week at home (usually Wednesdays) because I need to elevate my foot more than I'm able to do in the office. It's easy for me to work at home with a VPN, so I save the more mundane work for home. I'm not sure what's going to happen after my next surgery on... (40 replies)

... Hi, thank you for your reply! How long before you went back to work? I think this is great advice, thank you (40 replies)
... Aimski - I had lapidus bunionectomy Aug 11, so just about 3 months ago, and I still get stiff toes. I had an appt with my surgeon last Thursday and he said it's because of the swelling and that it could take a year to go down. He told me to take mega-doses of Advil when I have bad days and elevate my foot. I rested all weekend and it looked almost normal this morning. Then... (40 replies)
... hey, How are you feeling after your outing? That is tought, having to think about snow! I thought the heat was bad, when you are sitting around all day!:eek: My visitors were great, they got everything for me, I was just directing them from my wheelchair!! I don't know what I would do be doing without that thing! first post op apt with DR tomorrow- can't wait- this has... (40 replies)
... Hi aimski, I hope you feel better soon. Perhaps your feet are reminding you to baby them! I have told friends that they are welcome to come for tea.....and that they might be preparing it. They have said they might bring tea or coffee with them so that it is not even an issue. I did go to church today and it went well. Hubby dropped me off in front of the church, and the... (40 replies)
... Thanks Northwind, I am feeling a little better today, but similer to what I wrote last night sadly:( toes still stiff and hard to wriggle...stitch areas still reminding me every 2 minutes they are still there!! I am getting my fisrt visitors today too....I am feeling anxious about not being able to be a good host while they are here...stupid I know....must resist urge... (40 replies)
... Put your feet up and relax. Hopefully this was just a reminder to take it easy and that it will pass quickly. How are you feeling now? I am planning to go to church this morning. That will be two hours out of the house probably. I will be able to put my foot up on the pew without problems, so should be good. Failing that, I will have the rest of the day to elevate and... (40 replies)
... hmmm DIDN'T think I would get away with it today.....both big toes throbbing and have a numb but painfully numb feel. All toes feel hard to wriggle...the opposite side of my foot (to the stitches) is aching!!! hope I haven't sent all my progress back to square one;-( (40 replies)
... Hi all, Just wanted to say I spent 2.5 hours sitting in a cafe today, and walked around the house on and off without (a few hours later) I don't feel too bad!!! I must say I have pain in my feet where I was putting pressure on the other side to compensate for the other side where all the stitchers are.. but other then that...not too bad at all ;-) I am... (40 replies)
... Oooooooo.....I would so love to soak my foot! I miss that already. I get my stitches out on Nov 9th. (40 replies)
... I miss that thread too......I posted a question about why they do not allow group threads. I have not had an answer. I guess we have to be careful not to make this a group thread. How are your feet? (40 replies)
... I couldnt wait to get my bandages off also at the 14 day. I also had a half cast and after my first visit post op they put this back and wrapped bandages around tightly. These bandages i could not take of for another 4 weeks. And boy when they came of my skin was just shredding. At least you get nice soft skin again on your feet and since i have been really looking after them... (40 replies)
... I'm happy to say that on day 11 they pain is FINALLY reducing, and I am feeling so much better about what I have done!!! I have left the house once in those 11 days, and it was a trip around my parent's farm in a wheelchair (about 30min in total) I am starting to think about other outings I could possibly be able to do!! It's all looking up!!! (40 replies)
... hey, thanks so much for your reply Sumerluvr :p I had to start a new thread.....I was enjoying the banter between us all on the last one:( well I DO appreciate your info!! I know it is different, but all the same the one theme I keep hearing is don't overdo it...I have been feeling a bit better the last few days and as a result have done a few more things on my own..but... (40 replies)
... hmm... I have had two different procedures that what you had and did one foot at a time, so I can't say for sure, but I am 15 days post op from chevron bunion correction on right foot and am going back to work on Monday. I am walking "ok" in the boot, not too much swelling, minimal pain. I use one crutch to help get around but am walking fully on the foot (in the boot) ... (40 replies)
... wow, what's a girl to write, to get a reply??:confused: (40 replies)
... Hi, again, I should have said before that this is my 9th day post-op and although I feel I am now doing ok (after some painful periods) I was just trying to get a clear idea of when I can expect to do things again.... any of your experiences would be greatly appcreciated!!! (40 replies)
... Hi everyone,:wave: just wondered if those who have had this precedure could let me know (even just roughly)..... - how long they were off work (I have an office job) - how long it took to get into a 'normal' shoe -how long before they stopped elevating for the majority of the day - how long before they were really active again ie gym/running thank you!!!!! :angel: (40 replies)

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