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... ement. I was told that epidural does not help much relief of this type of pain. Block IV was inserted by my right thigh and I had no pain at all during my stay in the hospital because my leg from below the knee was totally numb. I was released Thursday afternoon, and I was totally pain free before the block was removed. ... (11 replies)
... did a great job and I seem to be mending well. I am one month post surgery and doing pretty well. I went in yesterday to have my cast put on. ... (35 replies)
... Dwyer Osteotomy. I dont necessarily think I had anything more major than anyone else, its just that when he got in there, he was not anticipating a major rupture. From the MRI, it did not appear so bad. ... (88 replies)

... What an encouraging post! I'm 2 weeks post pttd surgery and love to read about this kind of success. ... (4 replies)
... but he seemed pretty shocked. I had pins put in at 10 years old to straighten them out And while he was there he removed my bunions. I now have lovely scars 7cm long on the side of each foot. ... (20 replies)
... I totally feel your pain and depression. I had my surgeries just over 7 weeks ago. I was supposed to be in a cast for 6 weeks NWB, but after the 2nd check for a blood clot the dr put me in the boot a week early but still NWB. ... (8 replies)
... Nope he didn't give me any shots all I got was antibacterial meds and pain meds. I'm exercising the leg so hopefully I won't get the blood clot. I'm so ready to be out of the splint its uncomfortable. Are u finally out of yours? ... (169 replies)
... I had my triple arthrodesis with achelles lengthening Jan 15. Out of cast, out of boot walking with a cane....and my ankle is hugely swollen and the rest of my foot and leg are also quite swollen. PT says not a blood clot. causal suggestion that other patients have been successful with acupunture..but no recommendation. ... (0 replies)
... uze inside there and pushing it upward to cover that whole area. See if that will help. I know if did for me. And even though you find relief from having your foot down, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep it elevated at this point of your recovery. ... (50 replies)
... Two years ago I had spent 2 days on a ladder washing windows while wearing shoes with poor support and partially tore my tibialis posterior tendon. Was in a Cam boot for 2 months for healing, nwb. Had pt for about two months, but still had pain while walking. ... (61 replies)
... Years ago at work I all of a sudden developed this horrible pain in my foot. I could barely walk. ... (12 replies)
... eko, thanks for the reply. Yeah, the doc told me I need to stay on Coumadin for 6 months. I asked her why it would take so long considering I don't have any genetic predisposition and this was simply a bad circumstance. She said that the duration of coumadin treatment is a hot topic amongst pulmonary physicians, and some believe only 3 months are necessary. However, she... (9 replies)
... I have had a rough couple of months. I blew out my knee so I had to be non weight bearing for 6wks, during that time I developed a blood clot. The blood clot caused my foot to swell to an unreal size. I noticed a lump on the top of my foot during all of this. ... (3 replies)
... year old, active male. Originally hurt left ankle when I was 24 and in the Navy. Playing volleyball, came down hard on it, knew right away it was badly sprained. ... (23 replies)
... in movement at once. All I can say, keep working on the PT. One exercise that I found that helped me, was rolling up a bath towel, put it under your foot and pull up on it to stretch the achilles tendon. Then also use it to pull your foot side to side. ... (69 replies)
... rp, blurp" and suddenly I have difficulty breathing. I went to the ER, where I was diagnosed from having a pulmonary embolism caused by a "massive" clot. I was in the hospital for five days before they would release me. I have been on coumadin for over five months now. ... (9 replies)
... trip to ER and FAST!. It can kill you rather quickly. Not meant to scare you but rather to give you a heads up. You cannot 'feel' a clot move. ... (208 replies)
... ast taken off to be checked. If it's not that it still needs to be checked as it sounds like the cast may be too tight to accomodate swelling. Also an increase in pain this far out should be checked. ... (9 replies)
... oved this week, and am now into a walking boot cast that can removed when needed. But that too is very heavy to wear. I am still non weight bearing because the foot can't be put flat yet. It is very stiff and very swollen. ... (50 replies)
... I was in casts all summer here as well. I'm kind of glad now though because even though it was hot it was just easier than trying to get around on crutches in the snow and ice. ... (14 replies)

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