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... feel backwards into the wall where the desk then landed on my foot. It landed in the center of my foot opposite to the arch at the bottom of my foot. ... (2 replies)
... o here it goes, I'm only 16 and going on seventeen and I'm a girl. I'm not too active but I try to exorcise when I can. One morning I awoke to find that my right foot had been having a strange pain. First it was near the .... I want to call them toe knuckles. ... (2 replies)
... idner procedure to remove the accessory navicular bone and then shorten then tendons and a calcaneal osteotomy to make my heel straight again. For 6 weeks I was in a cast, non weight bearing. ... (9 replies)

... Nearly two days ago, my horse whammed on my foot pretty solidly. ... (2 replies)
... wow, my dislocation was on my right foot too. ... (32 replies)
... I have mostly mild ankle and foot pain in the right foot, on the top of the foot near the ankle, in the ankle joint itself, and sometimes deep within the heel, especially when walking. ... (0 replies)
... So I trained for a half marathon last year in March...there was a little pain in my foot after some of the longer runs but not too much so I didn't think anything of it. ... (0 replies)
... As a comment to DMarcus, I had my problem for a year and a half, after doing a lot of research I realized that the longer you wait the worse condition your foot is in and the harder to fix.. so I went for the surgery. I am just 3 weeks out of my cast and I am putting almost and sometimes full weight on my foot. ... (114 replies)
... I just got home from my doctor appointment. I got my cast removed today, and boy does the freedom feel good. I am now in a boot for up to the next 2 months. ... (33 replies)
... If my right foot is pointing down even slightly, it sounds like the bones in my ankle are grinding into each other if I move my toes up and down. My left foot does it too, but not as bad. ... (3 replies)
... e your geographic location!! I am as confident as you that you will have outstanding results. It is really gratifying to know that I made a positive difference in someone else's life. I'd love to talk to you sometime on the phone and compare notes. ... (106 replies)
... Everything in my ankle is tight again.... ... (82 replies)
... I'm back from Michigan. I have good news. After being told a week ago last Friday that my foot was broken, I went to Michigan the next day. The weekend was full of anxiety, anger etc. On Monday I called my Pod who had not heard from my pcp. ... (22 replies)
... It could also be the sesamoid bones...two small bones at the base of the ball of the foot. Only xrays will determine the exact problem. Go to a podiatrist or orthopedic doctor that specializes in feet. ... (3 replies)
... heard a snap. At first I devoloped a big goose egg on the side of my foot. The swelling was on the outside at the widest part of my foot. Within minutes,my whole foot was huge and bruised. ... (10 replies)
... no broken bones...likely soft tissue damage...come back in 2 weeks if it's not better... ... (10 replies)
... playing soccer....I still am unable to run or jump. For the first month after the break, I tried to practice soccer to make a comeback, I'd push off on the bad foot and feel a slightly painful pop, almost like a dislocation? ... (3 replies)
... In January my foot started hurting pretty bad. I was limping and everything. ... (0 replies)
... Five days ago, I was simply walking across campus when my foot suddenly started hurting. Not major pain, just annoyingly uncomfortable, but the pain has continued since. ... (3 replies)
... I find it interesting to hear that cartilege can grow back. I was under the impression that once it was gone, that was it. I did not have any cartilege in between the 2 bones in my big toe, hence the pain. My Podiatrist recommended the titanium rod implant. ... (9 replies)

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