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... my own stupid fault for not wearing shoes. The thing is that although its just a tiny cut and looks like its healing, if I walk on one particular side of my foot it still really hurts. Like, if I press directly on the cut it doesnt hurt, but if I push on it gently at a certain angle, I get a stab of pain. ... (3 replies)
... On friday i dropped a glass and then accidentally stood on the shards of broken glass. ... (1 replies)
... how do you get a piece of broken glass out of your foot? ... (0 replies)

... When he was about 14, my son fell on broken glass while skateboarding and got a sliver deep in the palm of his hand. It remained there for years as doctors were reluctant to cut around in such a delicate area. ... (1 replies)
... Hi! Thanks for your questions and I'm glad that some of what I had to say has helped! You actually sound like you have worse foot pain than I did. In my opinion, you should definitely get it done. ... (15 replies)
... After two weeks, you should probably go to the doctor. They may be able to x-ray it, because sometimes glass will show up on x-rays, depending on the size of the piece and the type of glass. But after two weeks, a small cut should be feeling better. (3 replies)
... Go to the Doctors. If there is still glass in there it could get infected in time if left. If you have diabetes then you really need to look after your feet. ... (3 replies)
... months since I broken my heel. The bottom of my heel was shattered into little pieces. My doctor says my bones have "knitted" together enough for me to put weight down. ... (0 replies)
... I have 2 problems. The first one is... I've been getting a severe stabbing pain in the bottom of my foot right where the heel and the arch meet. It feels like I stepped on broken glass or the blade of a knife, or some extremely sharp object. ... (4 replies)
... e boot and start moving the ankle. After I got home that day I tried using the boot and it caused execurating pain on the ankle and it felt like I was walking on broken glass. I did not try that again for a while. I would try to just put my foot down on the floor a few times each day and the same thing would happen. ... (9 replies)
... alking makes it worse, and staying on feet for 30 minutes is not possable. is ankle pain common with extreme flat feet, and did the flat foot surgery reduce the ankle pain? ... (4 replies)
... as so bad. I'm a flight attendant and I have severe pain under the ball of my foot, near the bunion, and at the joint of my big toe. It feels like I'm walking on broken glass basically. ... (15 replies)
... Hi I suppose the health professional could be asked if crutches could be used for a bit to keep the foot off the floor/ground for awhile. In my opinion it would also be important to have the right height of crutch and to be sure the top of it where the underarm is not leaned on with any with any of a person's bodyweight. The arms should be held perfectly straight on the... (1 replies)
... It's difficult to diagnose a fracture over the internet. If your foot is that misshapen and hurts that badly, you really ought to see a doctor and have an xray. ... (8 replies)
... I had a 3 mm broken piece of glass removed from the underside of my foot. The fam. doc. made a small pinhole incision to remove it. ... (1 replies)
... Well, I guess it's comforting that you don't think that it's infected, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm in pain and have been for like three months. (5 replies)
... As long as a podiatrist has ruled out infection and another podiatrist has ruled out a broken bone, you probably shouldn't worry about that. ... (5 replies)
... r of his practice, gave me too much ultrasound in the forefoot and caused a breakout of cellulitis! on the top of my foot...The uncomfortable feeling in my other foot finally resolved without surgery!!!!!! That's why I'm so mad at myself for having this neuroma surgery 11 years ago!! ... (124 replies)
OATS Recovery 2
Dec 24, 2008
... Each step kinda feels like walking on broken glass .. but I have to admit I am a bit concerned as my pain feels like it is the whole outside of my foot, not just around the achilles .. ... (20 replies)
... Yea! My 22 year old son is having surgery on his hand tomorrow to remove a piece of glass that got imbedded when he fell on broken glass while skateboarding years ago. It has been intermittently bothersome and he decided to go for removal. ... (192 replies)

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