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... oesn't know how she did it, she's not really athletic, but she's not fat or anything, and she joined an indoor volleyball team. Next thing you know, BAM, busted heel bone. This was again, last September. ... (6 replies)
Broken heel
Sep 2, 2016
... week ,10 coming into week 11. I can get about house most days, up and down steps and do most things although other days can't. I have been told its a2 to 3 year healing process which is quite daunting. I push myself to the limit all the time and also been told its a life changing break and will suffer from athiritus in future. ... (1 replies)
... surprised at how many people are in so much pain months later. I guess I'm just an optimist but I'm not anticipating any problems other than usual pain until the healing is complete. I do have swelling yet, but not too bad. ... (24 replies)

... Hi Wendy, I have been a "Heelie" since 1984. I went through a long recovery, 2 months in a non weight bearing cast followed by at least 3 months walking with crutches. I was 22 years old at the time. Surgery was not preformed as I was told there were too many pieces. I was never even prescribed physical therapy. Since then, I have been able to live pretty normally. I... (7 replies)
Broken Heel
Apr 27, 2011
... I mentioned elevation, I was not doing it for the sake of pain relief, you need to do it for recovery and healing. It needs to be up almost all the time. Only time it should be down, is when you are driving some place or moving around. ... (18 replies)
Broken heel
Feb 22, 2012
... ROM excercises as soon as you can. I was put in a pool up to my chest when I was PWB for PT, worked well. Your foot will be different colors for quite some time. Healing from this injury is slow, heed the Docs advice. So, I wish you luck, everyone is different. Let us know how things turn out. ... (17 replies)
... April 23 rd , 2015 about three weeks ago now, I fell with my entire weight of 148 lbs at five ft three onto my one left heel fracturing it and also fracturing a joint on top middle of my foot by end of my leg where it meets the top of my foot and slightly to the left of middle. ... (6 replies)
... lar challenges. So, here's my first post, with a bit of background. Bear with me, as I am typing with one hand while my other wrist regains strength from being broken at the same time as my left heel. ... (1 replies)
... It takes a month or two for a broken toe to heel. Some things to steer clear of are NSAIDS medications. They slow down the bone healing process. ... (6 replies)
... I broke my right heel into 5 large pieces and pulverized quite a bit of the softer inside bone. I was hiking and jumped down about 8 feet onto a boulder. ... (88 replies)
... from. If you continue to have a lot of pain you might want to hold off on PT and rest your foot a week then jump in again to see what it feels like. This is one time I'd say you have to let your foot guide you and make your own decision on what you think is best. ... (104 replies)
Broken Calcaneus
Aug 18, 2008
... after the leg block was administered, I started feeling pain in my heel. The incision, the heel etc....then up to my toes. At 1st the pain was a 2 or 3 managed by the pain medication pump. Everything was fine. ... (4 replies)
Broken Calcaneus
Mar 1, 2013
... With a broken leg you just wait it out while your body heals itself. With your calcaneus an enormous amount of effort and discipline is required. The healing follows a progression with requisite steps. You have to have adequate blood flow to the foot. You have to work it a lot. ... (5 replies)
... ok into using a walker for a few weeks to relieve a bit of pressure on your feet. The duration of wearing the boots and walking normal will be determined by your healing progress and your doc. See if your insurance will cover an Exogen ultrasound bone stim to accelerate the healing process. ... (4 replies)
... ually, no surgery. According to the wasnt displaced so he felt no surgery was needed. I, on the other hand am not so sure, I have read and heard various healing stories without surgery. ... (81 replies)
... It's been a whole year since my accident. It took 9 screws and a plate to put my heel and arch back together. My doc suggested back then that I may want to have the hardware removed after a year. ... (1 replies)
... e, purple, and swollen. A new complete cast was put on clear to my knee and I was to wear that for four more weeks. Then I was fitted with another cast at that time for another three weeks. Each time my doc would position my foot to where it would be in the position as if you were walking. ... (21 replies)
... There are, plus some others that have the word broken or broken heel Take the time and read them if you haven't already. ... (81 replies)
... of course being on crutches we aren't putting weight on our foot. so the muscles get a little weak and more stress is put on the heel and side of foot so i can see that being part of problem. also, any time a bone is broken like they did in my surgery the bone trys to heal itself. ... (22 replies)
... weeks. I hobble to the store in a soft boot and heel walk around the house. This is the first week I've been without the crutches. My body says ice and elevate... ... (7 replies)

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