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... Saw him yesterday and have decided during the drive back home to go ahead and have surgery. There have been a significant increase in problems in the last 30 days, and I cannot go on like this much longer. Of course there will be the cleaning our of the joint, and the drilling, and six weeks NWB. ... (208 replies)
... Wow, this has been one busy thread since I was last out here. I just returned from a road trip to the in-laws and am now catching up. A couple of things I'd like to add ... Compression stocking - I have issues with swelling in my ankle, most of it was due to all the surgery I had on my foot (Brostrom Repair & Bunionectomy 8/2003, dislocated toe 9/2003, great toe fusion... (69 replies)
... nd something that could be cause if your pain. I know that when I found out that surgeon found something that was not showing up on tests I felt relieved. That surgery has made such a difference in how my left ankle feels. I hope you get same relief that I did. ... (18 replies)

2nd ATFL repair
Oct 11, 2015
... Hi there, Not really sure wether anyone can help or not but feel the need to talk to like minded people. My name is Dave I'm a 38 yr old cop from the UK. In 2009 I injured my ankle on duty, despite the crack and snap I heard and the fact I had a melon sized swelling I was told it was just a sprain (pah!!) Months and many falls later it was discovered I had buggered... (4 replies)
... The specialist that my surgeon is referring me to for the aspiration of scar tissue also does the Platelet thing, so maybe he will try that. I just hope he has some answers for me. (9 replies)
... This is only a guess but I'm wondering if you have nerve trapped in the scar tissue. Since the whole Brostrom relies on excess scarring to heal presumably we wind up with a lot of it even after therapy. ... (14 replies)
... And right now am also scared that nothing may show up in the mri that was done when I really hope something does. At least the surgeon saw it when it was really tender to touch which he said meant it hadn't been done long ago. But I had one mri that came up normal and another that didn't so I hope this one doesn't come out as nothing wrong either when I know its my old... (14 replies)
... Don't know if we have those in Australia probably do but unfortunately being in a regional area that has only cholorine pools and not being able to drive not so much want to get my learners soon but its kinda been on and off cause of my ankle :P ugh otherwise good idea with the salt pools :) (14 replies)
... Thats too bad about allergic to chlorine. Have you tried the new saline pools? I dont get as much of a reaction to those. (14 replies)
... Unfortunately I am allergic to cholorine lol last time I went in choloine I had a rash for days and green hair ( am normally blonde so you can just immagine me having a light green shade of hair) lol :) And fortunately right now I am not NWB thank goodness but who knows what the future holds its all still fairly wait and see as to what happens yet. But I am not holding... (14 replies)
... Bummer about pt not working well for you. Gah. Does water work for you? I went to the warm water pool today. That felt good. Hugs. Sorry about it all. I hate nwb. (14 replies)
... Oh man sorry to hear! I totally understand how you feel. I have had ankle issues my whole life. I'm only 32 and am going to have to have my ankle replaced very soon. Just look at the bright side, there is a fix for it. Unlike arthritis. Good luck sweety! (14 replies)
... That is a bummer. If you ever dont feel all rainbows and unicorns about it, I dont mind hearing a rant or two about it. Pm me anytime. Not to say that staying positive isnt a good thing. (14 replies)
... hen you see your doctor you get very clear instructions on weight bearing. He might be putting you in the boot, but you still might be NWB. I had almost the same surgery and I'm NWB for 6 weeks. I know all dr's are different but 2 weeks seems really early to start any WB. Good luck at the dr tomorrow!! ... (9 replies)
... Illinois, or Ohio. I had a modified brostrom repair, calcaneal osteotomy, and gastroc recession in March of last year. I'm having more pain and problems with my ankle now than I did before the surgery. I have lost confidence in my doctor and would like to find a different specialist. ... (3 replies)
... I am NWB for so long as I tore a ligament right off the bone. I posted about my experience for the surgery HERE (12 replies)
... Terri, It could be a couple of things actually. Your description of it could lead one to believe that you have a peroneal tendon tear (I had a Brostrom Repair for a blown out peroneal tendon - undetermined as to when I did it over three years ago), or because of your recovery from your recent surgery, maybe it is due to the way you are carrying your weight on that... (12 replies)
... I'm scheduled to have a Brostrom in late December, I've had problems with ankle stability all through high school and college sports, but this summer hurt it again playing basketball and it just won't heal. ... (18 replies)

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