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... I had right foot bunion removed Jan. 11, 2010. Bone cut apart in a "Z" pattern and screwed back together with 2 permanent screws. NWB for 4 weeks. HOPING he will let me try and walk next appointment on Feb. ... (11 replies)
Are bunions gross?
Nov 10, 2009
... when I've told people I've had bunion surgery, everybody is very sympathetic because they know how challenging foot surgery can be. I wouldn't lie about it. Just say you had foot surgery to straighten out a bone. Simple as that. ... (6 replies)
... The lapidus procedure, besides correcting the bunion, creates an arch in the foot by cutting a bone in the midfoot and raising the first ray to a new position. Maybe this is what the doctor is aiming for. ... (12 replies)

... fusion of foot bones. Not so sure I know what I am getting myself into! The outpatient surgery is July 2. I have been getting great tips from this site. I have this horrible feeling that recovery is a lot longer than I anticipate. ... (61 replies)
... I have one of the best doctors in Central Texas. I think he agonizes more on the outcome of the first surgery than I do. I'm 63 and have been a very active person all my life. I'm not sure what happened. I don't have osteoporosis, but I'm sure my bones are getting old. ... (162 replies)
Did I over-do it?
Jul 31, 2007
... c the doctor directed me not to. Yes, it is normal to bruise this long after surgery and there might be a sign that you overdid it because your usually suppost to not put any weight this soon after surgery. ... (3 replies)
... tinue with injection if I can. She did give me names of 2 surgeons. After everything I read I am very concerned about surgery. I don't want to be worse after the surgery and I don't want to be limited to boat shoes forever. ... (125 replies)
... Juliek75 and Annette06: I just had a bunionette surgery about 3-1/2 weeks ago and my experience so far has been pretty good. No pain at all really just maybe a little bit when the stitches came out. My procedure was basically done where the doctor makes a very small incision and cuts the bone, repositions it and puts in pins (external) to hold them in place. The pins will come... (3 replies)
Fusion-Big Toe
Nov 11, 2003
... I wish you luck on your decision and make sure you look up all your options before you do anything, Foot surgery is very painful and I know I will have some surgery discomfort as we all do. ... (13 replies)
... hi workaholic! well, i've talked to a couple people who had the bunion surgery before i did and they all pretty much said that it looks pretty gross - the foot gets all black and blue post-surgery. which makes since because you're being cut open, your bone is broken and/or shaved a bit and you either have a foreign object such as the screw or pin inside your foot. but i... (63 replies)
Jan 10, 2015
... I just had bunion surgery Friday morning as well as hammertoe correction, what they did for me was take out a wedge of my bone in my big toe, put a permanent screw in it to help keep it straight, and then "released" my tendon on my second toe. ... (3 replies)
... Doctor said he'll make a cut and peel back the skin and shave the bunion then align my big toe foot bone straight and hold it in place with screws. Should be like an hour surgery right couple hours after for recovery or am I misunderstanding him? ... (20 replies)
... ke my left fifth metatarsal by falling off a stepping stone. I feel like I'm falling apart. Looking at the x ray the break didn't go all the way through, so no surgery or cast. I have only the walking boot. ... (3 replies)
... Regardless of the size of the incision, removing a bunion requires cutting bone. There's no easy way to recover from that. ... (7 replies)
Fusion-Big Toe
Nov 13, 2003
... i've been told by my doctor that i'll be in plaster for 4 weeks (this is just as a precaution as i had bone removed in my bunion surgery and they want to ensure that the joint fuses) then in an orthopedic shoe for about 2 weeks. I have spoken to people who have had fusions and they say it takes about a year for the toe to fully heal and reach the stage that it will stay at,... (13 replies)
... I did, however, obtain a copy of the doctor's surgery report. ... (13 replies)
... Anyway, today it is feeling a little better and I am hoping it will continue. I am interested in hearing your replies. I was exercising up until the surgery and now not being able to exercise normally is depressing me. ... (11 replies)
Aug 24, 2010
... hello all, i will be getting osteotomy bunion surgery in a couple of weeks and i have some questions and concerns regarding the recovery time and the pain mgmt, they have to cut the bone and reconstruct it and then have 2 screws put in,i will have this procedure done on both feet but they will do it one by one,i've been reading up on this and im getting different feed back... (7 replies)
... she recommends. Too many people think accepting a long recovery time is "conservative" and that it somehow does not apply to them. I was on the couch for about 6 weeks with my foot up in the air and also slept that way. ... (14 replies)
... ing a bit, and small bunion, but not nearly so much as my left one was, so I'm going to put off any possibility of doing that one for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!! This recovery has been 10 times worse than I expected. I really expected to be able to get around, do my Christmas shopping, and do most normal stuff by, oh... week 2 or 3... ... (5 replies)

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