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... I am also going to PT and doing many of the same exercises and am having an amazing recovery. 6 weeks post op and feet getting great! ... (5 replies)
... hrodesis AND did an Achilles tendon lengthening AND a bunionectomy. The cast came off in 12 weeks, and I was able to shed the boot and the final crutch within 3 weeks of getting the hard cast off. I do remember, being the running addict that I am, gong for a "slog" IN BOOT about a week after the cast came off. ... (39 replies)
... I am almost 5 weeks post op from my bilateral bunionectomy on 8/28/03. Bones were cut on both my feet but only the left foot needed a screw to hold it together. I had ace wrap until my 2nd post op at 4 weeks. For the first 4 days, I relied on my husband to carry me to the bathroom. I have been getting around the house with my hands, butt and heels since the 4th day after... (8 replies)

... Hi Maya, My experience 8-9 weeks post-bunionectomy was pretty similar to yours. I wore reg. shoes during the work day, and went back into the small velcro shoe at home in the evening. I just tried to keep a balance between babying myself and overdoing it. When I had some swelling at the office I put my foot up on my desk, as needed. (It's a rather informal place, luckily!)... (2 replies)
... ecords, sexual misconduct with a patient, signing false statements in medical records among other things. He was suspended from practicing for 30 days and is on 8 years probation. This was quite disappointing to me as he was the only doctor of four doctors that I felt comfortable with regarding my diagnosis and treatment. ... (73 replies)
Subtalar fusion
Dec 8, 2008
... had bunionectomy to correct. ... (35 replies)
... Even though my (dbl austin bunionectomy) went very well and I've been one of the lucky ones; recovering quickly, I still sometimes really hurt. today for example I way over did it and needed my pain meds and I'm at 8 1/2 weeks. Last week I hurt a lot in the arch area for a few days. Sometimes its the toes. Sometimes its the toe joint. Sometimes there's no pain at all. It... (7 replies)
... Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, I just had a more standard bunionectomy done on the other foot so they will both heal at the same time. Therefore I have plenty of time to reply! ... (19 replies)
... ave found this message board with people who KNOW what I'm going through. I little history about me. I'm currently a 33 year old male who had a Head Procedure Bunionectomy back in June 04'. The results were terrible. First off the doctor told me to walk out of the hospital. ... (33 replies)
... Hi there...I am sitting here with my foot elevated and reading all these posts and it is great to know others are going through the same thing I have been experiencing....comfort in numbers. Let me tell you my long story...I have had a terrible 4 years or so with foot ailments...other than my feet I'm blessed with a great healthy life so I'm not feeling too sorry for... (35 replies)
... Just wanted to vent. I think my poor family is tired of seeing me struggle with my foot problem. It's been 8 days since my cast came off after 6 weeks of nwb after bunionectomy, and although I can walk a little more in the cam walker each day, my foot is still sore and stiff. ... (7 replies)
... before the anesthetic came out I took something called Tramacet every 4 hours. I had 20 pills, and the last two pills I spaced about 8 hours apart and then it was totally fine. ... (13 replies)
Just Had Surgery
Jan 10, 2007
... At 8 months, I feel like I am totally back to normal. ... (5 replies)
... op Lapidus bunionectomy with 1st metatarsul fusion and second toe shortened. He said I can do whatever I want just to start slowly. ... (1 replies)
... So sorry to hear you have to have repeat bunionectomy surgery. I just had a complicated bunion surgery. I went to two doctors for consults before deciding on a doctor. ... (12 replies)
... Megan, I am not sure what type of treatment I am going to pursue with my DPM, all I know is that I am looking for a non-surgical route. My DPM and I have a pretty good relationship, I am not one to mince words with him, so he will be pretty clear on what I want. My OS has a theory that with Brostrom, and the fusion (after a bunionectomy) that the structure of my foot has... (208 replies)
Foot massage
Jun 20, 2006
... I have always benefited from a good "hard" foot massage. I was doing good for 8 years until my boyfriend and I broke up. Yup, hard to believe but he would massage my feet almost every night while we watched TV. ... (0 replies)
... Jennifer - hey there! And welcome. I had my first surgery on 8/16 (almost 2 weeks ago). I have always had flat feet and bunions as for as long as I can remember. The look never bothered me and I had resigned myself to wide unattractive feet and shoes that you could see my bones bulging on the side. Until about 2 years ago I had no pain. Then little by little the actual bunion... (5 replies)
... Hi Jo, I had closing base wedge osteotomy with McBride bunionectomy at the end of February and was non-weight bearing for 8-9 weeks. (You can probably find my previous posts by searching by "cyclist.") I had my bunion removed, bone taken out in two places, and 3 screws put in my foot. To me, the surgery was only a mild inconvenience. I had no pain and very little... (5 replies)
... To answer the first question: At this point (I've been off crutches for about 5 weeks after major bunionectomy): -I ride the recumbent bike for 15 minutes - level 4-5 -I walk BACKWARDS on the treadmill at an incline of 14, speed of 1.3mph for 6 min. -My therapist does the hands-on work w/my foot, pressing to flex, working my toe to its full range of motion, both... (11 replies)

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