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... off the chart!!! I couldn't believe even after shaving off my bunions they are still as wide as feet get!! ... (30 replies)
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Bump on foot
Dec 4, 2009
... You may have bunions. My first bunion was a "Tailor's" bunion which erupts on the little toe side of the foot. I later developed a bunion on the big toe side and eventually had surgery on my right foot to correct the problem. Your primary physician can assess your foot and point you in the right direction regarding follow-up. Good luck. (1 replies)
... I've had bunions for many years but it's only started to be painful for the last few years. ... (6 replies)
... Could you give more information about what the surgery will correct? Is it bunions? Where on the foot did you feel pain? Thanks. (6 replies)
... That is funny that you wore your surgical shoes to a wedding! Hey, I'd do it too if I had something I didn't want to miss! Thanks for the advice about Aldo -- I'll have to check them out. I'm just curious about your experience since you are a few weeks ahead of me. I am 3 1/2 weeks post op now, and the ball of my foot is pretty swollen. I'm thinking that is the part... (5 replies)
... I attended a wedding reception 4 weeks post op and resulted in wearing a very long dress that covers my feet with my surgical shoes still on. haha. It's been 6 weeks now since my bunionectomy, and I find that my old flats still fit. I've only been buying my flats from aldo because that's only where I've found flats wide enough for my feet. They look pretty nice and... (5 replies)
Are bunions gross?
Nov 11, 2009
... That is a good point. Most people in my life know I had foot surgery. They have been supportive and a little curious. I was at choir last night and people asked why I was walking funny. I just said I'd had foot surgery two weeks ago. They generally gave me well wishes. Someone put my chair away for me, even though I was capable. :D (6 replies)
... ha! I still can't stop looking at my feet either!! Good luck for the next one, you will be complety prepared surprises ;-) (40 replies)
Are bunions gross?
Nov 10, 2009
... Ah thats a good one, surgery to straighten out a bone and its the truth. I'll say that. Thanks! (6 replies)
Are bunions gross?
Nov 10, 2009
... Alice - when I've told people I've had bunion surgery, everybody is very sympathetic because they know how challenging foot surgery can be. I wouldn't lie about it. Just say you had foot surgery to straighten out a bone. Simple as that. Most people won't even ask for details - they'll just wonder how the recovery is going for you! Jill (6 replies)
... Aimski - It's good to hear how well you're doing! When I had my cast removed, the first thing I saw were the stitches, swelling and bruising and said "I thought I'd have more hair on my legs." The nurse just laughed. My sister was with me and she said "but look - no more bunion!" It really looked strange and I couldn't stop looking at it for a good week. Now it looks... (40 replies)
... Hi Roydale, did you have JUST scarf osteotomy.....on both feet? And are your stichers dissolvable? Are you in Australia, US, C or UK? I ask becuase these are the things that will make our progress differ... It's exciting to see a normal foot isn't it!!! My Dr. told me pain needed to be my guide, he would not give me dates. He said if you are feeling low to no pain,... (40 replies)
... Hello Aimski: I wanted to contact you because I had a scarf osteotomy on Oct 23. I go this Friday to get the stitches out. They took the first bandages off last week and I saw my foot!! It too looks like a normal foot now. I have had bunions since I was 10-11, at least that is when I noticed them. I cannot walk for 2 more weeks. Are you walking yet? (40 replies)
... THANKS everyone for your advice and sharing your experiences:wave: (40 replies)
... Did we have the same surgery? ;) I could NEVER have done what you're describing just a few days after surgery. For me the first week was like the constant pain of a foot cramp/charlie horse style pain in the bottom of my foot. It was awful, like being tortured. And pain meds didnt help at all. A little tip: Dont get caught driving with the boot or you'll get a ticket or if... (14 replies)
... Hi Laurie nice to have you back :) happy that things are going well for you. Funny you should say about the pedicure and infection i was thinking of going back to my little lady i figured it was time i prettied up my toes ,now im a bit cautious and undicided. Maybe ill leave it a bit longer .:( Ye you and Earthworm are right it was the right decision to get the bunions... (97 replies)
... Why would anyone think that? No, I've never thought they were gross or disgusting! If they do, they have a serious problem. Most people understand the pain they can cause. (6 replies)
... Im 28 and I recently had both feet done, and other than family, i've only told a few people about it. I was afraid to tell others because they may think it was gross or disgusting. Has anyone had any bad reactions when they told someone they had bunion surgery? I had been planning on telling people i broke both feet when i returned to work...not sure if they will believe me. (6 replies)

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