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... Is the pain strongest at the balls of your feet? It is possible you have Morton's neuroma in both feet - I did. (3 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your feet pain. I know exactly what you're going through and it's so terrrible! ... (35 replies)
... The pain in the rest of my body seems to be stemming from these two spots. My calves get sore when my feet are really sore, and my forearms and shoulders get sore when my hands are really bad. ... (3 replies)

... was told it's just baby feet and nothing was wrong, I would grow out of it. Well, I sure wish he could see me now! ... (4 replies)
Cold Feet
May 19, 2006
... I met someone one time who had surgery and they accidently severed a nerve, and ever since then his feet always felt like they were burning up, even though they felt normal.. he constantly had to put ice on his feet. ... (8 replies)
... It usually happens more in the summer as it's very, very cold in the house in the winter and very warm in the summer. I've found that running cool water over my feet or sticking them in a bucket of cool water will make the burning go away for several hours. ... (4 replies)
... Hi: I, not too long ago, was searching out help for my mom. This is how I found this place. Anyway, not thinking I would be back I posted a thread Severely cracked hands and feet. Something like that. Only I posted it as my problem and not hers. She has been suffering terribly. She found a specialist who told her that she has eczema. We will see. I found a... (4 replies)
... Try going to Dr. Scholl's foot powder for the sweaty feet. Also is there any chance the you change clothes detergents about the same time? Another thing to think about is if the soap is getting rinsed out of your socks, hardwater can keep the soap from rinsing out and irritating the skin on your feet. Or maybe even a combination of soap and deodorant could cause... (4 replies)
... I'm not sure, for me, nothing really helps except to cool my feet off with cold water. I have a couple of problems with my feet, including neuromas and Fasciitis. ... (10 replies)
... My feet feel like they are burning up most of the time. I can't stand to wear shoes but I have to wear socks and athletic shoes all day at work. I go barefoot as much as I can. ... (7 replies)
VERY Sore Feet
Jan 31, 2003
... I hope someone could shed new light on my problem with a possible personal experience. I've had very sore feet, for almost four years now. I've been to 'all' the different 'kinds' of Doctors, and 'none' of them know what my problem is. I've had every kind of test you can imagine and 'nothing' has shown up! This is so discouraging and frustrating! I'm aat my wits end, and... (3 replies)
... Dont know if that problem is cured or just was'nt the problem. Still have spurs though. Can feel them in heels, but they dont hurt very often. Main problem is burning feet. Sisters friend had nerves deadened in one foot. Havent heard how shes recouping though. ... (3 replies)
Very painful feet
Feb 28, 2002
... has me depressed too. I think I,m on the road to recovery though. Orthotics seem to be working. Just started putting dr. scholls foot powder in boots today for burning feet. Seemed to help. Time will tell. Wayne, are you stretching your feet every day? ... (8 replies)
Burning feet
Jul 12, 2001
... I too am interested in knowing what can be done for burning feet. I am male 72. spent 25 years carring mail and never had problems with feet...retired and grew old and when I walk the soles of my feet nearly kill me... ... (7 replies)
... others, I am concerned that as a teenager, you may not be fully aware of the lifelong impact that these foot issues can have. Please listen to your ankles, your feet and your body. They are shouting in pain, hoping you can find healing or a quick fix. ... (24 replies)
... Is there a connection between the burning and the pins...? ... (1 replies)
... Rosa. Thank you so very much for your reply. I thought that nobody was going to reply to me. I read your posts and you have been going through a terrible time. I sincerely hope that your surgery will be a success on both feet. I will send you good vibes for your success. There is no point in my taking any further pain medication as it does not help the severe burning &... (6 replies)
... walk.I have my feet elevated. ... (6 replies)
... for weeks now my mum has been suffering from burning and tingling sensation in the balls of her feet, she says it seels like there is something in there crawling about. ... (3 replies)
... I got on Lyrica for tingling, numbness in my foot. It has helped. I still get some burning sensations, but Lyrica has helped. My doctor said Lyrica has less side effects than Neurontin. ... (11 replies)

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