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... Neurapathy usually means tingling, numbness and burning and usually takes years to develop and is usually seen in diabetics. ... (10 replies)
... The feeling in your extremities can be explained by an umbrella term ed neuropathy. Different causes, bit B deficient, diabetic neuropathy, alcoholism..... And sometimes they don't have a reason. For burning sensation a podiatrist can easily prescribe numbing cream or an oral agent (gabapentin, lyrics...) However the brain fog and sounds like reduced function sound... (4 replies)
... I was able to walk out, just took it easy for the day. He said if it didn't work I would need surgery. I suppose that it would just cause more pain, possible numbness and more ankle impingement problems. ... (24 replies)

... Hi Kevin, welcome to the family. Well, I take Neurontin for the tingling, pins and needles feeling. It's supposed to help with the burning but it really doesn't. I take Oxycodone for pain but again, not much help. I was on Robaxin for muscle spasms but again, no relief. ... (1 replies)
... Gould ligament reconstruction. Due to some strange sensations and burning pain that I was having around my incisions, the OS worked me in for an early bandage change and incision inspection yesterday. ... (2 replies)
... Can I ask you what kind of pain you have? And what do you take for it. I have burning, numbness, tingling, some times I get shocks up and down my leg I have been on peracet for 3years. It's the only thing that helps me, (41 replies)
... scar tissue, on the top of my foot between and above the first two toes, the Pod said to massage it, so I have been and it does seem to help. I do have a bit of numbness in my second toe, but that is far better than the pain I had before. Take care.. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks for responding. What I am experiencing after the neuroma surgery is not what I would call pain, it's more like annoying numbness where they removed the nerve during surgery as well as tightness at incision site and a little soreness on ball of foot right underneath the numb toe area. ... (11 replies)
... Do you have MS or any other disorder? (7 replies)
... The only side effect I have had is of course Weight gain. I have chosen the weight gain over the pain, that is how bad my pain was. Although I hate the weight gain! Sunny (7 replies)
... I am dealing with nerve issues now and I have had surgery for tarsal tunnel (nerve entrapment). I am curious about the meds. What are the side effects? I opted not to take anything right now but if it does not improve I may start. (7 replies)
... Endep (antidepressant) is great! (7 replies)
... I had he surgery 4 weeks ago and I'm still in sometimes excruciating pain. I have numbness around the incision area and the ball of the foot. ... (18 replies)
OCD Repair Options
Mar 20, 2008
... Hey, Have any of you had problems from the local nerve block they give you behind your knee. My Dr. mentioned that some of my nerve problems (burning, numbness) may be from that type of anethesia irritaing the nerve. I'm thinking the risk of a block for a few hours of pain relief after surgery may not be worth it in the long run if you have complications ..... Abby (52 replies)
Burning sensation
Dec 17, 2007
... ction. I haven't had much pain during recovery but last night I had some bothersome sensations. It felt like my feet were on fire! In the past I've felt a little numbness or twitching or itching or shocking but this was totally different. ... (0 replies)
... Not sure if you still having this problem,but, I have the same exact that mine etends from toe to head.. have problem for over a year and now been diagnose with peripheral neurophy . Tried lyrica 50mg, no help, now cymbalta 60mg not sure if it will work, 8 weeks already using, along with vicodin to combat the pain 4times a day and predisone 15mg , 3 5x's for 5dys, 2 2x's for 5... (7 replies)
... Last week after my bunion surgery, I experienced very little pain. I was doing just fine taking about 1-2 Advil a day. Yesterday I went to the doc for my first post-op visit and he did nothing but change the dressings, but since then my foot has been extremely painful...far more painful than it ever was immediately after the surgery. It hurts both around the pins, and I... (8 replies)
Numbness in feet
May 8, 2007
... Hi smokey, yes the needle part is uncomfortable and the part where they zap you to check some type of nerve conduction. It is not extremely painful though, just like a pin *****. (14 replies)
Numbness in feet
May 7, 2007
... Also, did you have severe burning pain and a terrible pulling feeling going up to between the big toe and the next one? ... (14 replies)
... Hello, everyone! I have posted on a previous thread about plantar fasciitis because my podiatrist diagnosed me with it and a heel spur, although at my most recent visit the male DPM thought that it's more PF than a heel spur. It's in my left foot. My right foot, on the other hand, doesn't usually cause me problems, but I did incur mysterious pain around a couple of... (1 replies)

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