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... peripheral nerve damage and numbness to toes and parts of the feet as I experience. Pain is unfortunately always a constant from phantom needle pain to burning toes from added back injury that I also sustained as well as a total ACL and other ligaments in my knee. ... (12 replies)
... particlarly outdoors and on tiles and other hard floor surfaces. Finding shoes that are comfortable due to the pain from the scar tissue and the degree of part numbness and part uncomfortable sensation is very difficult. If my foot gets cold, all these problems are exacerbated. ... (12 replies)
... Hi jessigrl, I would like to know how you are doing now that 4 months have gone by. I had the same burning, pain, freezing etc. As I read your post, I had the exact same symptoms.I am 6 weeks post op and I am getting disheartened a bit because I am not fully weightbearing. I am also very swollen and black and blue. I feel like I am healing so slowly. I also had bunion... (15 replies)

... he first two weeks I had a bit of soreness...especially in the foot that had the larger bunion. It also felt as though my toes were numb. In the past week, the numbness in the toes has disappeared and I am having more tingling and burning sensations....not often though....just every now and then. ... (10 replies)
... I had the numbness and burning the first week. I still don't know i that was nerve or the infection! ... (270 replies)
... eet. Now, I have pain in my feet constantly. It is primarily focused on the top of my feet, in the middle, then radiates to my toes. I can only describe it as burning pain, similar to if you were outside in the cold for a long time then came inside and took a really hot shower. ... (5 replies)
Fusion Revision?
Oct 26, 2010
... You also might want to ask your doctor to prescribe some medication for nerve pain. The stinging, stabbing, burning and numbness are normally due to nerves. ... (15 replies)
Fusion Revision?
Oct 26, 2010
... s. I am schedule to start PT on Nov 15 and my next appointment with OS is Nov 19. My pain is still bad, and I still do not sleep through night. I have lots of burning and stinging and a lot of numbness. Im sorry if this is all jumbled and full of errors, I had a very bad night and only about 3 hours of sleep. ... (15 replies)
... mage in this op, but I guess that's possible with any operation. It took a year for my toes and the side of my leg to mostly come back. I would get itching and burning and numbness, but not really pain. Just irritating. I have one numb spot still which I think will always be there, but no big deal. ... (8 replies)
... Increased pain, feeling pressure and tight, burning sensations, and numbness. As soon as i described those symptoms to er nurse they took me in right away ahead of a full waiting room. ... (4 replies)
... have burning feeling on heel pad, pain on heel pad and toes, some numbness on toes, feels better after shoes are off, feels better after a warm water foot soak. ... (4 replies)
Calcaneus boredom
Jun 25, 2010
... to remove my talus. It was in peices. He built me a new bone out of a peice of my fibia. Then fused it to my heel and tibula. I understand your pain. Most of the numbness and burning will go in time. Right now, my right heal hurts like heck, my midfoot joint is very twingy, my plate on the right side of my foot hurts and burns. ... (13 replies)
Pain in forefoot
Jun 2, 2010
... ping the pressure off my ball of foot enough. Neurologist gave me neurotin for neuropathy and they made me too sleepy. Just got some topical cream to help with burning tingling numb toes. I need a very wide toe box that doesn't touch little toe but soft for ball of foot and that can accommodate my orthotics. ... (1 replies)
... Hey Wonnderboy Glad to here the surgery went well. Yes I have the burning sensation it will go away with time remember they moved alot around down there and seperated skin from bones just keep it clean. ... (67 replies)
... To the best of my experience, classic plantar fascitis symptoms are burning pain in the arch and heel of a foot with sometime pain into the back of the heel where the achilles tendon is. ... (1 replies)
... I am 4 days PO from arthroscopy, mod. Brostrom, and ostephyte excision. The numbness took almost 3 days to slowly wear off. I am in one of those plaster PO splints and have an ice cooler. The lateral side is pretty sore and kind of burning. ... (0 replies)
... I think the numbness is normal... in fact it gets a lot more painful as that subsides. ... (14 replies)
... ms to help more than the home excercises. Not sure what you mean by "pull and stretching out", I have mostly had issues with tightness, sore muscles in the foot, numbness in and around my big toe, and pain in the forefoot. The peroneal area gets fatigued quickly and will start to burn too, if I do too much. ... (20 replies)
... but associated with feelings of extreme cold in day and extreme burning at night and if anything touches my big toes on either feet It feels like a great electric shock. ... (8 replies)
... my foot hurts and is swollen every night when I take off my shoes. My second and third metatarsal toes hurt, when pushed to the sides. The pain I have feels like burning and runs under the second and third metatarsals, about 1 inch. I do not experience numbness in my toes. ... (5 replies)

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