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... I've had bad plantar fasciitis for years, and I've been "treating" it for a year and a half with no success. ... (0 replies)
... I am almost 6 weeks post op of having my surgery which I underwent on Oct. 28th. I had endoscopic plantar fasciotomy. ... (17 replies)
... u mean about "life is passing me by", and people don't realize how depressing it can be to be plagued with chronic pain. I'm glad to know I'm not alone with the fasciotomy not relieving all the pain. ... (3 replies)

... I went to the podiatrist for heal pain. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and a tight achilles tendon in both feet. The doctor left the room and came back with cortisone shots for both feet. ... (5 replies)
... Don't do it. Surgery does nothing for the cause of plantar fascitis, which is a tight achilles. Achilles stretching is mentioned in passing or in PT, but it is the cure. ... (9 replies)
... I am scheduled for surgery on my right foot on Dec. 9. I am happy and scared all at the same time. I imagine you both had these feelings also. ... (158 replies)
... I would run like mad from a dr. who wants to do your other foot. If you had surgery for plantar fasciitis, as far as I am concerned, and I have had it VERY badly, all you need to do is stretch. ... (4 replies)
... After I wrote the last post I also remember the fact that I have high arches added time to my recovery. He did tell me that runners that have this surgery are back to running after 3 weeks only if they go to PT. Are you sure your having surgery for plantar facitis? ... (9 replies)
... years now. I had endoscopic surgery 9 weeks ago. I thought I was getting better, but now Im right back where I started. It seems as if my feet do not want to be resting on anything. ... (3 replies)
... months ago I went to a podiatrist for sever pain and burning in my feet she said is was PF. And jsust last week my GP doctor confirm that I had Plantar Fisciitis last week. I've just started doing stretching exercises which I "think" have been helping. ... (9 replies)
... Surgery is going to be on Monday, Jan 12. I am going to Disney on March 11. The doctor and a friend who had the same surgery said I would be fine by then. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone. I'm new to the foot problems board. I've mostly been over on the Alzheimer's board (my Mother-In-Law passed away from Alz. on November 2nd :(). I'm scheduled for a chevron bunionectomy & endoscopic plantar fasciotomy at 7:30 tomorrow morning and am really nervous. I have no idea about what kind of pain to expect afterwards. I'm going to be totally off of my... (14 replies)
... I am 3 weeks post surgery. I am an RN and on my feet the entire 8 hour shift. My podiatrist thought 4 weeks might be a long enough recovery, but he will let me be the judge. For others who have had this surgery, and have a standing walking job, how long have you taken off of work. I am thinking more like 6 weeks might be good. I am up to walking 30 minutes, but still... (0 replies)
... I go back to the Dr. tomorrow and have my bandage taken off. I think they just tape it now. I have to go in for the next month once a week. I know they cut the tendon on the inside of my big toe. Does anyone know what happens to the tendon? Does it just adhere to a new area? I'm going to check tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty good and am off the pain meds as of today. I... (13 replies)
... Hi Lisa, I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm having surgery in the morning (chevron bunionectomy & endoscopic plantar fasciotomy) & reading your posts has really helped me to "gear up" mentally. I'm still pretty nervous tonight, though. It'll be great once my foot heals & I can walk without pain, but getting there is the hard part! :) I guess once they get my IV going in... (13 replies)
... Yes you will be fine by March. I have to tell you that my foot still feels a little tender were some scar tissue has formed but its nothing compared to my pre surgery pain. Now Im dealing with tarsal tunnel in the same foot. Hope that goes away without surgery! ... (9 replies)
... ber. You cant even see a scar! I wasnt working in a week though. 5 weeks before I was back to work. I stand on my feet for 8 hours a day maybe that is why. The surgery was virtually pain free. It was worth it. Esp. since i could no longer walk at all by the time I had the surgery. I too had tried everything! ... (9 replies)
... I had surgery on both feet 6-01 for heel spurs. The spurs are no problem now, but I still have alot of pain, especially the right foot. I have been wearing prx. orthodics for two months. My right ankle hurts all the time and makes a loud clicking sound when flexing it. Had more cortisone injections last week. Helped two days only! My Dr. says I have some scarring but has... (65 replies)
... Hi! I am a week postop and doing well. I did not go back to work in two days - more like 8 days. I was able to put a sneaker on yesterday and today I've been wearing them all day. I won't get stitches out until 1/26. Two on each side of foot. My one worry is that the main tendon for support has been cut. Although the pain is relieved I still can't help thinking that I'll rip... (9 replies)
... My doctor said that the 15 minute surgery is going to be done in the morning on Monday and I could return to work on Wednesday. ... (9 replies)

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