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... the "all american arch reconstruction" ... ... (98 replies)
... thanks for the info - it was a great help. i have to call the "durable medical supply" store later regarding a wheel chair & will also ask them about the potty seat with push up handles. my dr says at least 1 night in hospital but with all the cutting he is going to do that seems a little severe. will have tendon above arch repaired, spring ligament in inside ankle... (98 replies)
... t. There was still some periods of nasty break through pain periodically, but for the most part, I was drugged enough that the pain was tolerable. It was weird falling asleep in the middle of a conversation. When I got home, I took the maximum dose of rx pain meds around the clock for about three or four days. ... (98 replies)

... If you have a falling arch, PLEASE, PLEASE do not fall for orthotics because they make the arch even weaker and I speak from experience. I have had fallen arches and they can be made stronger with exercises. ... (3 replies)
... the arch had collapsed completely. ... (3 replies)
... I've been having trouble finding the answers to some of my questions regarding a persistent foot injury, and I thought maybe someone here might be able to help. ... (0 replies)
... foot. They aren't helping my now "bad" foot and my surgery foot does NOT like orthotics...feels like there is just too much pushing it to the outside, like you said. ... (3 replies)
... My arch was collapsing because my posterior tibial tendon gave out... ... (4 replies)
... have excessive pronation and the long big toe which has created a situation where I am ripe for things to go wrong with that foot. I have never had trouble with falling due to my feet... I did roll my left foot in June on a pine cone when we were in Edmonds, WA for our granddaughters graduation... ... (29 replies)
... The question is for my mom. She has broken her ankle twice. She is 68. And now has severe arthritis and her arch is falling. She now sleeps with a shoe on to prevent it from curling up. ... (1 replies)
Foot pain
Jul 16, 2012
... For the past three days I have had foot swelling and pain. The pain and swelling is only in my left foot. I haven't injured that foot recently. In the past I did have a second degree sprain to that ankle. Also I have falling arches. ... (2 replies)
Bottom Foot Pain
Apr 16, 2007
... is called Morton's Neuroma. It is a pinched nerve or nerves that are between the 3 and 4 toes. It causes tingling, numbness, pain and swelling in the ball of the foot and toes. ... (4 replies)
... strips are all falling off and sticking to me. I have a lot sensory defensiveness which makes this awful. ... (0 replies)
Bottom Foot Pain
Apr 16, 2007
... Hello everyone,can anyone out there please tell me what causes discomfort when pressure is applied on the ball of the foot just above the arch. The pain is more intense after resting the foot,or after I wake up in the morning and begin to apply pressure on it...... ... (4 replies)
... metatarsal joint in my left foot. The pain will go across the underside of all my toes, along my archline and many times my entire foot. I am noticing that my arch is looking like it is starting to fall. Does arthritis do this or what could be causing this? ... (0 replies)
... tched to a different pain killer and I really hurt. My doc says it's from going to school, but it even hurts when I'm asleep. I have to take it every 4 hours and falling behind on it is killer. I ice, but it hurts. Should I worry it's from me falling or just the switch? ... (8 replies)
... eet because it was up so much higher then me. I felt a burning pain in my plantar and could barely walk . Woke up the next morning to a small lump right above my arch like the top part of it. It hurts some what but now it's pretty big. I've always had problems with my arch falling when I played sports when I was younger. ... (0 replies)
... three weeks ago now, I fell with my entire weight of 148 lbs at five ft three onto my one left heel fracturing it and also fracturing a joint on top middle of my foot by end of my leg where it meets the top of my foot and slightly to the left of middle. ... (6 replies)
... nd on it, waiting for the pain to subside, thinking it's nothing but a bad sprain and such. I limped back to the side of the building, and climbed back down a 30 foot ladder, hobbled about 50 feel to my truck, and drove 70 miles back home. But I'm noticing a searing pain each time I pressed on the accelerator or the brake. ... (32 replies)
... Your calf, on the bad ankle, has probably atrophied a bit too so ask your PT for exercises to build up the muscles. While you may have a problem with your left foot it will get better. ... (3 replies)

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